• Yes teachers should get paid more

    They work way to hard to be paid near to nothing. They prepare for everything they will need for that day and week. They also have to deal with many different personalities all day and week, And they have to know how to handle each class. They have the most underrated profession.

  • Yes, teachers should receive higher salaries.

    Teacher compensation has been severely short changed considering the amount of dedication, planning, and overall scope involved in educating our youth. When it's considered how influential and residual a teacher can be in shaping a person's future with their tutelage and lessons that carry over into many phases of later life, a teacher's compensation has to be considered to be higher in order further to appreciate their efforts as well as attract more aspiring teachers into the field.

  • Yes, teachers are vital

    As the child of two teachers, I know how hard teachers work and how little they are paid for it, in money or in respect. Teachers play one of the most important roles in our society. Everyone praises policemen and soldiers as heroes, but what about the people who spend their lives fighting against ignorance and empowering people to live rich, examined lives? If we want to live in an educated, civilized society, we need to start paying teachers what they're worth.

  • They Are Grossly Underpaid

    Every body loves to give lip service to how important teachers are, but they need to be paid more for what they do. This is even true for the college level, where teachers are quite often paid even less. Some adjunct/part-time instructors make roughly the same per hour as Walmart employees. Shame.

  • They are educating our future

    Yes, I do believe that that teachers should receive higher salaries. These are people that are teaching children, the future leaders of our country and world. With this in mind, teachers should be compensated for their time and the patience that is expended on a daily bases. not to mention, children are not easy to deal with.

  • No, but it depends on where they teach.

    I am sure there are teachers in poor rural areas or in the inner city who do not receive enough compensation for the hard work they put in. But in wealthy suburban areas, teachers do quite well and get a salary right out of college that other graduates would envy, especially with all the breaks during the year and the minimum 2 month summer vacation. No one else gets that.

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