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  • Its very inportant

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  • I think so

    Bc i said so children need to learn about politics at a young age so its inportant they learn now! So yeah thats all i have to say so here are some random words so i can submit this article bc its inportant so ye ye ye ye yye ey yyyeeee

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  • Vote or join the military

    How can we not teach our youth about politics? We expect them to graduate and vote or join the military, How can they make those decisions without learning the political system or how to debate or critically think about the different viewpoints. If a teacher is open about their political bias and can teach kids all sides of the debate then won't that better inform the kids and give them better decision making skills for the important choices after they graduate?

  • Yes to Essential Education

    The argument that politics are not "age appropriate" naively assumes that the real world will refrain from harsh realities for the benefit of younger minds. Gun violence, Immigration, And other contemporary issues touch the students of today in tangible ways, And they should be provided a credible explanation within the classroom. As citizens today and the voters of tomorrow, Students should be discussing the nuances of politics and the realities of current events in the classroom at every opportunity, Where they can be sure to be provided a nuanced and factual view and allowed the opportunity to form their own opinions. Without a sanctioned political element to the curriculum, Cycles of inefficacy perpetuate and the same demographics continue to be shut out of our political system; other students can provide harrowing and incorrect information, And parents are likely to only provide their preferred viewpoint if they offer any at all.

  • Knowledge of Surroundings

    I can tell you for a fact that not a lot of students watch the news mainly because it's boring and people talking and this is a good alternative to learn about what is going on in our government and politics since we are going to be apart of this nation and should know where we stand

  • People need to learn

    Teachers need to be careful and they should not promote/force their beliefs on their students. Oftentimes, Students are curious and are interested in such topics; teachers who have a good rapport with their students can do this in a responsible way. If a teacher's job is to educate, Educate students on how to discuss politics--don't let them name call, Make false statements, And use fallacious arguments. If people knew how to have actual discussions about politics, We wouldn't have such a disgusting political culture.

    All the arguments for "what if they are a nazi" and other ridiculous claims can be applied to anyone, Including their parents. Picking a few unlikely outliers is not how to build a solid argument.

  • No I don't agree

    Teachers can create a toxic environment when they make a child feel afraid to say their own views, Because they are different then their teachers. I had a teacher's political views pushed on me, How workers should not get paid more if they work at Mcdonalds, And I was pretty upset.

  • No no no

    This liberal teachers are just brainwashing our kids these days we need to stop them. They can’t just get away with putting wrong information into our kids minds. They are getting paid to teach the right thing. Not the complete opposite. And thank you for reading this and god bless America. TRUMP 2020

  • No thank you

    Teachers don't need to push there biases on to impressionable youth. Children should develop their own political views through life experiences and wisdom, Not persuaded by a teacher's point of view. By college age kids have generally formed an opinion and are less impressionable but middle school and younger have not. Let our children develop and form their own opinions!

  • It is not appropriate & influences a students thoughts

    Many young students are not politically active, Therefore with teachers spewing their personal political opinions, Kids will only learn that. Students do not know how to go against a teacher, And they are extremely impressionable. When a teacher shared their political beliefs, It isn't teaching, It's simply opinions. At some point, Many teachers begin to participate in political discrimination.

  • Influence on Studdents

    As much as it is important to know about the world we live in, From its problems, To its alerts, Teachers should not speak about politics. If they wish to talk about it, They can inform their students about the current numbers, Candidates, Or encourage them to vote but after that, Anything else should be off limits. Because teachers are still human and will have opinions of their own, Therefore when talking about politics, There is always some bias coming from the teachers, Which could influence the students to something elses that is not their own opinion.

  • In political science class, Then it's appropriate. If it is not part of the curriculum then it does not belong in the classroom at all.

    Teachers are paid to teach and follow the curriculum provided them which has been approved by a governing body. Deviation from this curriculum to state your own beliefs should not be allowed. Stick to the curriculum. Keep politics out of our classrooms unless it is a "Political Science" class and then all sides to the story need to be addressed and differing opinions respected not suppressed.

  • No its not their area of expertise

    They are hired as teaches because of their ability to teach on the curriculum not politics. Teachers especially for younger grades are an authority figure during your child's arguably most impressionable time in their life. Its that simple. I do not find it professional. US service members have restrictions on what they are allowed to do politically in uniform free speech or not.

  • Should they? No. Should they be able to? Yes.

    I said no because i believe that it is very irresponsible to teach young mind concepts and tell them it is true. What if the teacher was a literal nazi? They could teach the children that they need to kill jewish people. That would be pure evil. I do believe that they should be able to as long as it doesn't effect the child's learning ability, but I only say this because I do believe in the 1st amendment. I did have one teacher that was super liberal, and he did not like me because I said that I supported trump. He talked about politics all the time, and made it clear that he was liberal. He looked for a way to get me in trouble. When I said that I read Mein Kampf, and that it was boring. He emailed my parents and told them that I was a nazi, and even told other students that I was a nazi. I told this story to show how dangerous it is to talk about politics at school, and that teachers are not always the best people to talk about politics, and especially in a classroom setting.

  • No, because our school systems are extremely bias.

    The teacher's arguments surrounding politics are extremely bias, and from experience I can tell you that a bias political argument, especially one in such a place as a public school, can result only in the teacher concluding they are correct. In a school system, teachers have the ultimate authority over the students, and that can lead to the usage of authority to press their beliefs on the students. Teachers should not be allowed to talk politics in school.

  • Really, come on, its obvious. ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!!

    NO, politics should not be able to be spoken about in school. It is not okay to have a teacher express his/her thoughts on who should be president. Its almost like saying "here let me force your child into thinking this way, and sending him/her for you to deal with. Some children are too young to even understand the meaning of politics anyways. Why teach children the reason why, this world isn't going to exist 100 years from now. Politics is definitely something that should not be talked about in school by any adult who has common sense.

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