Should teachers teach sex Ed by having sex in front of children?

  • It’s so epic

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  • I think that this is important

    If we try to image how much mistake we made and the confuse we had in our younger age, We will be sure that the real having sex class is needed especially we don't know the technical. Maybe we just need the open-mind and accept the situation is changing today.

  • Think about how much they would learn

    They would learn what real sex is like and how to take proper safety measures and see that real sex can get boring sometimes and it’s not exciting as it is in the porn videos. They would learn a lot more about consent and whatnot so I don’t see why not

  • You already know all about it

    You seem like the person who has explored the dark places of the internet and is not even a little kid anymore. You think that you should sink other children down to your level but that is not right at all.
    I think you have watched too many things and need to calm down on it.

  • Though innocence is certainly a cost for knowledge, To lack innocence is no marker of comprehension.

    Innocence. If there is ever a value to be found in humanity, Something pure and perfect, It would innocence. Of course, We cannot protect it forever. The world too harsh for the blossomed flower of a child's heart to remain throughout a life. But where innocence is lost, Knowledge once untouchable is now within the realm of reality. Of course, This does not mean that knowledge is the only consequence that comes with the loss of innocence. In terms of being practical, It wouldn't matter whether the youth learned of the sex through viewing the experience or through diagram. The general concept would be understood should both presentations be shown with exactness and clarity. Yet, One can only imagine the kind of effect this would have on a youth. Not to mention innocence forfeited, But it'd wouldn't suggest any less about sex than a porno. Sure, Realism would be established in the process, But only to the extent that is set by those giving the presentation. Sexual experience beyond the basic knowledge of operation is a search for the youths to learn and benefit from. If this is the method of which we teach, How are we to learn about atrocities or death. Analog and illustration are all that is basely necessary.

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