Should teaching of Art (all types of Arts) in schools be as important and compulsory as teaching Science, Maths and other subjects??

  • Yes it should be

    Teaching of Art in schools should be as important and compulsory as teaching Science, Maths and other subjects as art helps in developing the minds of children creatively. Also there are many benefits of teaching children arts. If a children are taught arts he or she learns human values. Children should be taught the importance of arts in this world. I LOVE ARTS!!!!!

  • I'm not sure

    It really depends on the individual.While teaching kids art is great for generally everything - especially creativity, it might also backfire.

    Not everyone is interested in arts.There's a chance it might make some kids dislike or even hate art.I know some of my friends hate drawing because of school.

    I think it's better to leave it up to them to decide.Art in any form is magic - but it shouldn't be shoved down people's throats.It comes from within.It takes time, dedication and passion to master an art form and not everyone is willing to do that.

  • I do not think so:

    I believe it should be important and highlighted. I do not believe it should compulsory. Not everyone is an artist no different than not everyone being an engineer; knowing the basics of science, mathematics, lingual skills, critical thinking, and philosophy will get you further in life but in reality if you're unskilled in mathematics you likely won't go further in it. Art is a bit different in that while it is invaluable to the artist and to the onlooker should it be aesthetically pleasing it may not be something that is expressed in a singular manner.

    For instance mathematicians find "beautiful math" aesthetically pleasing no different than looking at a masterpiece, on the same front you've people in biology who fall in love with natural tessellations and so forth and so on; these people studying art to create art may not yield much for them.

    I admit I wish art were a basic skill required in society but at current it is not.

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