Should teaching of science be protected in all curriculums, regardless of religious inclinations?

  • Science is right

    Yes, I think that the teaching of science should be protected in all curriculums, because science is backed up by fact, so it is most likely the way that things actually happened. I think that religion is only a thing of a persons faith, and does not have any proof.

  • Yes, teaching science is very important.

    We live in a country where we have freedom of choice when it comes to religion. Religion is based on faith and ideas. Science is based on evidence and truth. It is very important that we make sure that young minds have the opportunity to learn and be exposed to the scientific process of thinking so that they can learn other ways of viewing the world around them and decide for themselves. It also promotes the ability to progress science for those who take it beyond their general education. They need to be exposed to science in order to find an interest in science. It's as necessary as English or math.

  • Yes, science should be taught.

    Science should be taught in schools. There's a lot more to science than the theory of evolution, which is typically the main issue religion and science butt heads on. There are various fields of science, as well, such as chemistry, that have nothing to do with religious thought. The theory of evolution doesn't necessarily need to be taught in schools, but if it is, it's typically not an entire course, and can be ignored or dismissed by those who choose not to believe it.

  • Facts Are Facts

    We should not let faith based science be considered science. So, the factual science should be protected against the people who claim the faith based science should be taught along side one another. Nothing wrong with people having different faiths and beliefs. Just think they should study that on their own time.

  • It is not human

    On this logic, we shall not explore. We shall not question. We shall not innovate. We shall become sheep. The Earth will be flat, and all research shall be shut down. Had this happened early on, I would be writing this with a quill while bouncing down a dusty path in a horse-drawn carriage. It is shameful and sad that the human race has come to this, where even one vote shall be cast against all that objective facts teach.

  • There are honest differences.

    No, the teaching of science should not be protected in all curriculums, regardless of religious inclinations, because to instruct people to ignore religion is to ignore portions of science. Scientists disagree on evolution and creation, and those who are creationists are in part because of science. To say they are not is to look for a back door to only teaching evolution.

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