• Yes, I think team orders in Formula One should stay banned.

    I think it should be up to the individual driver to make a decision on how he choose to drive in the race, I think the driver is the one that can make the best decisions, while the pit giving orders may be doing it for strategic or tactical reasons I think the power should be left in the drivers hands.

  • Yes, it has done well

    I think that team orders should stay banned in Formula One. Mainly, I do not see a good reason to change the rule as it is. I do not believe that it will help Formula One in popularity, and as a result will not do anything for their revenue. They need a good reason first.

  • Yes they should.

    Team orders in Formula One should stay banned. There was a reason that team orders were banned in the first place and they should remain banned. There are already way to many things in Formula One and removing the ban on team orders in Formula One will cause more issues.

  • It's more interesting.

    Yes, team orders in Formula One should stay banned, because it makes the race that much more interesting. The practice of teams would not make the sport more fair, or more interesting to watch. Teams would make it unfair to participants that do not have anyone to team up with.

  • not at all

    no, I do not think that it would be a good idea to keep these banned. i think that it is a good way for them to get a little instruction and for them to be able to make sure that they are being safe while they are out racing.

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