• Does it matter?

    In all honesty, with the teams and the exclusion of 5-7 record teams, the pool for teams taking part in bowl games was getting small and repetitive. By allowing 5-7 teams in, the pool will widen and will, in my opinion, make the games more exciting and engaging to watch.

  • Bowl Games are a Joke.

    Teams with losing records should not be in Bowl games. The whole system has become a joke and by limiting which teams play would allow some prestige back into the system. Right now a good majority of teams play and it takes away from those teams that have winning records and really deserve to be there.

  • Losing records dont deserve a spotlight.

    Achievment of success used to be spotlighted in the past. It takes much coordination, recruitment, scouting, and people skills, to bring together a team who has demonstrated a winning record and Bowl games should reflect winning records, instead of losing records. This kind of placement of losing teams into bowl games will destroy the sanctity of Bowl games.

  • No there should only be teams with winning records playing in bowl games

    Teams with losing records should not be playing in bowl games. There are currently far too many bowl games, and it seems to me that this is simply for increasing revenue. However, because of this they are sacrificing the integrity of the Bowls and the idea that the best teams should get to play one final meaningful game.

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