• Safe alternative to physical force.

    It is a non lethal chemical that has no long term effects. Short term pain is a great deterrent and has prevented physical injury as well as a great deal of property damage. It is a great alternative when compared to tasers, Rubber bullets, Batons or hand to hand combat. Ten minutes and rinse with cold water and your good as new.

  • Yes, If Nothing Else Has Worked

    Riots do happen, after football games, unpopular court decisions or perceived
    incidents of police brutality. Looting can start, or innocent people can wander
    into the area and be in endangered. The police then have the problem of
    maintaining order. They do not wish to shoot people, of course, and locking
    up everyone involved would be complicated and impair their ability to police
    the rest of their territory. In such circumstances, the police might justly decide
    to use tear gas or something similar to disperse the crowd. Conditions could
    make it the best of their bad options.

  • Tear gas should not be used on civilian populations.

    Tear gas should not be used on civilian populations. Tear gas is a cruel and unusual punishment that is barred by the bill of rights. It is disgusting that is even being considered to be use on civilian populations, because it is just not suitable for civilians to be subject to that pain.

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