• Internet should be accesible everywhere.

    Delivering Internet from outer space, via satellites, has been done for many years. It is a great concept that should be used more. Satellite Internet would be assessable everywhere, and it would not require wires that need to be maintained. Also, having more things going on in outer space means more space exploration.

  • No One Should Place A Ceiling on Internet Access.

    I believe that tech companies should attempt to deliver Internet access to the masses from outer space. There are many reasons that support the use of outer space internet provision, the most valid of which is basic human rights. Currently, world governments have the ability to shut down internet access throught entire countries (case in point, Egypt). Outer Space internet provision could eliminate the obstruction and provided all people with information they are entitled to have.

  • Tech companies should attempt to deliver internet from outer space.

    There are too many places on Earth that don't have access to Internet service, and outer space satellites can reach some of these remote locations. Internet access can help provide underprivileged people in the world with educational and medical resources, and that will help bring third-world countries into the modern age.

  • No No No

    Most people go to outer space on a mission, unless the Internet will help them accomplish whatever mission they're sent up there to do, I feel like it will just be a big distraction. The last thing we need are the astronauts up in space playing Farmville and chatting on Facebook and Twitter instead of paying attention to their surroundings.

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