Should technology be a requirement in all classrooms?

  • Yes, it gives them a good skill.

    Teaching a technology class to children at a young age would get them familiar with devices that they will use in the future. Things like smart phones and iPads are seen everywhere today and owned by a lot of people. Teaching them about technology will ideally teach them how to use emails and typing skill. I've had a typing class in my middle school and high school and regularly write formal emails for my parents. In this day in age and in the future where advanced electronics become a common thing, it would be best if the students know how it functions and how us it to its full extent.

  • To an extent

    Every classroom doesn't need to look like the one in the picture, but better visual aids make students pay better attention and learn more. It makes sense to have something at the front of the class that will keep the eyes of students fixated there instead of on their phones.

  • I think no

    It really depends on what its used for. Yes it can helpful for research, but if technology is the only way that kids can research, than it will make them forget about another helpful source, books. Also, if they use technology for most of their projects and home work, they will get more attached to the idea of ipads, iphones and etc. technology is a great invention, but how we use it is what affects us. And most kids who get attached to technology at a young age ends up as a couch potato and wont do anything. So i say no. It should not be a requirement at all.

  • Technology can weaken the minds of our students

    When anyone gets used to technology, they start to believe that the words will be automatically understood and that they don't need to worry about spelling, when in fact, it is just stopping them from learning how to spell it. How are the students supposed to learn grammar if they don't even write, especially when they rely on technology to do all of the work? Once, my father almost got into an accident because he relied too much on the technology in his car. Imagine teaching that to our youth at such a young age. If you worry about the stupidity of our young today, then don't plop the in front of technology. Let them be creative and teach them in the process.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    In our world today technology is ever growing, bigger, better and more powerful. That does not mean we should rely on it to teach our kids or further gain knowledge. We can learn just as much from textbooks. Not to mention what happens if their is a electric trip, or the computer won't start up? It is safer to use textbooks because they will always work.

  • Too much requirements

    You shouldn't have kids be required to have technology. Its like saying you'll get a bad grade because you don't have the certain technology. Well, what if they can't afford the technology? You'll blame the kid for financial issues.Which is more ridiculous than anything because grades should not be based on if you have the right technology.

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