• Oh Y E S

    I think they should be used in schools because kids are always using technology and it would be good for them to be able to learn how to use technology in a very positive way like studying or taking notes where they can pause the video and work on the notes and understand the material.

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  • Technology is an asset in classrooms

    We have so many things in our classrooms to help us with learning. Abolishing all of the numerous things we have would be detrimental to our learning. Smart boards, computerized testing, the use of pads and tablets and online web access for student all play vital roles in our educations. As I have said before, banning technology would be detrimental.

  • It is a huge DISTRACTION

    Kids will actively go on iPads when the teacher is gone if they have it. They will also abuse them in study halls and do whatever they can to play on them. This will slow down their learning and distract them from listening. They also will spend most of their free time at home on them, even if it is a school iPad.

  • Technology + School = ABSOULUTE DISTRACTION

    If technology was allowed in school, I could be playing with my Tablet and I would be distracted and i'd stop being smart. A lot of people may disagree with me, but i'm a kid, a smart kid. Plus it would also remove the point of playing in the playground, since you would be playing with your lap, android, phone, etc. That's why I say NO.

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