• Technology should be banned from schools.

    Technology is making us more dumber than ever. What happened to our humble encyclopedias? They just vanished without a trace. Many things that happen on school computers are that kids watch videos, Play games, And listen to music. The good thing is that school districts block these things, And makes children focus more on school. However this is not working. I want schools to remove technology and go back to pencil and paper!

    - Sara Thompson, 12 year old from Palms Middle School.

  • Yes as a student right now i think we Should allow tech in schools

    As a student most of my work has to be done online as are class are structured around technology. For example when we enter a class we go get our laptops and go to google classroom to view our new assignments and get right to work. This eliminates the teacher having to spend at least 10 minute explaining what to do and how to do it

  • Technology is not right.

    Hello. I am a mother myself. I really liked it back then when we had books to look things up. The thing is that stuff on books were more accurate than websites on the internet. Today, I got a call from my son's school saying that he was playing games infront of his teacher on his chromebook. I got very upset at him and grounded him for a whole month. This is why i hate technology as it is ruining our kids lives. They do things on their computers that are not school appropriate. However, Yes. There is applications that tech admins use to block these things. I read a comment on the yes saying that you can just find proxy sites for a main website that was blocked. See? Technology should be banned from schools. And if i had it my way, ALL OVER THE WORLD!

  • Technology is having a negative impact on younger generations.

    Ever since the beginning of society, Humans have read books, Played outside, Payed bills, Called their loved ones, And other things. Today, People are logging onto the internet, Getting a Fortnite Victory Royale, Stalking someone on Instagram, Or other weird stuff. All of this technology is having a negative impact on our children and on schools. Kids are watching inappropriate videos, Playing games, Or doing stuff that is not related to school. The good thing is, Schools are blocking these things but that strategy is not working. Main website for a game is blocked? Kids can just find proxy sites. A video is restricted on YouTube? You can just use the YouTube on TV website. This process just repeats. No one is getting their work done because they don't focus in school. If you are gonna block certain things on a school computer, It will not help. Can we just go back to encyclopedias? This might take longer to research but it would be WAY better than using technology.

    So yes. Technology should be banned in schools, AND around the world.

  • Are You Insane?

    I simply don't understand how you could think that's a good idea. Sure, SOME kids will just play games, But there are multiple applications (i. E Go Guardian) that allow teachers to remotely monitor student's activity. Also, Think about how much students, Adults, And people in general use technology. Why bother looking in an encyclopedia for 10 minutes when you can Google something and find it in seconds? Banning technology in today's schools is a recipe for disaster.

  • Stupid question to ask

    Why the hell would you ban technology. Literally there is a thing called "google" that you could use to find everything you would ever want to learn in life. Why do you think most Middle schools, High Schools, And Colleges have assigned chrome books/laptops to their students. It makes your assignments easier and quicker. And how would we access debate. Org at school?

  • That is genuinely absurd.

    Why would you band something that progresses us to the future? It makes knowledge more available to people. Have you ever failed to understand a math lesson at school? Check Khan Academy, They probably have a lesson for you. Also, It's saving the environment through reducing our paper waste. I saw a comment on the other side that said something along the lines of "kids only watch videos, Listen to music, Or play games. " 1. ) Not all videos are bad, Some are helpful; even if they're not, There's nothing inherently evil with YouTube or having fun. 2. ) Music helps a lot of people concentrate, Especially when writing or studying. 3. ) It is the student's choice to pay attention or to play games. Kids are going to ignore the teacher one way or another, And while games make that easier, It is only harming the student.
    Overall, It's pretty ridiculous to consider taking technology out of schools because the positive aspects of it greatly outnumber the negative. I barely covered anything, But I could go on about it if necessary.

  • No no no

    1) Technology is the future. Nobody can deny it. As time goes, Technology will fill up most of our lives. It already is starting to, And for some, It is already a reality.
    2) Why should they be banned? They are useful tools in a classroom. Whether for saving paper on long, Long, Essays, Or researching instead of needing to spend the time to go to the library or something to get a book. They even benefit the teachers, As teaching becomes easier.

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