• Technology was made for people.

    By making technology free, more people would be able to access it, allowing for a better society. In response to the point on it not being sustainable, not all technology has to be given out free, some can still be sold at a price. However, free technology would make a better world.

    An example of where technology should be given out freely is public transportation. If it were given out for free, people would be able to travel more easily, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the country. This increase in productivity would balance out the cost of public transportation while benefiting the economy on the long run.

    So, to directly answer the question, some technology should be given out for free. The rest would depend on the creators of the technology, as they do not carry as large an impact.

  • Why? Just why?

    Technology is not something necessary to sustain life, so why should it be free? It is helpful, but once again, not needed. If you have a lot of tech, it usually means you had to make good decisions throughout your life. This question being asked is basically "hey, should we be communists?"

  • That's called socialism

    On rare occasion, someone makes their technology accessible because it's for the better of mankind. This is a rare exception. If someone spends years developing their own technology, they'll want to keep it hidden until it's patented. People don't research for years so that the industry can be more impressive, they research for years so that they can make more money.

  • That isn't sustainable

    How long can we keep that up? And how does it help society? When the market gets flooded by these free items, they become worthless. That will drive the economy into the dirt. Are there even enough parts to go around? When Apple products become as common as litter, Apple stocks will crash.

  • That is crazy

    That is not how the world works, people who I vent it need to be paid, people who produce it need to be paid, the materials used to make it need to be paid for and theropod who sell it need to be paid. Who is going to pay for it if the consumer doesn't.

    Technology isn't even a necessity to live, however even if it was we still pay for food and that is a necessity.

  • How will this work?

    The parts for making technology are not only expensive, but require extensive knowledge to know how to put together. If the final product was given out for free, where is the profit? If you are thinking of paying for them through taxes, then that not only is unnecessary, but raises taxes even higher than they already are.

    Also, free technology can lead to greediness. What's stopping people from taking 10 tablets instead of just one? Is there a limit? It all leads to wasted parts and wasted technology.

    The only free things in our society is McDonald's "Happy Meal" toys.

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