• Your mom's technology!

    I think that we shouldn't ban technology in school because then children would be sad. In fact, i think that we should have more technology at school because then we would have more happiness and peace and happiness is always good. I also think we should have more rainbows and puppies on the internet. Btw i'm not high

  • Prepares kids for there future witch will be packed with tecnolagy

    Imagine a child that grew up in a public school only ever using a computer occasionally. Then she gets a great job in the fashion business because she has always been a great student. She gets there and every one has tablet and smart phones and all the other cool tecy thing there will be in the future. Every one else is sending projects and essays to professiors and she cant even type properly.

  • Both ways is correct, but this way is better.

    Technology should be used at school because the past is paper and the future is now which is technology. New inventions are being made that help the society, and many other things. But either ways, it is good to have the old school way as a back up. Rember, the future is now. And it is technology. We have to understand how to use technology to help us in the future. But both ways are still ok. Paper or not, it is not going to change.

  • Technology is the FUTURE!

    Technology is a great way for teachers to be focused on their outside life rather than their school one. Also it can make children a more safer digital citizenship. But also imagine all the educational games they have on the internet, they could even play it at home. Technology is bound to happen in the future we might as well use it now.

  • Yes technolgy a wonder

    I think technology will help students as they can browse fast . They can do essays and projects very fast . We use less paper and can save trees .It wont have a negative impact on students if they dont get distracted.Technology can change a slow poke to a fast typer,it can open the doors of happiness

  • Kids are more attracted to learn

    When kids get the chance to use technology their minds open up. They get more interested in the stuff they learn. Kids like the fact that they get to use their personal devices to learn information. So yes technology should be used in school all across the country
    - Anonymous

  • Technology can help

    Technology can help a lot of student going to school and they ill need to know how to use technology anyway not just let them learn at school but only if it is used responsibly and in moderation. So yes technology can help and i would absolutely recommend it at school.

  • Technology can help

    Technology can help a lot of student going to school and they ill need to know how to use technology anyway not just let them learn at school but only if it is used responsibly and in moderation. So yes technology can help and i would absolutely recommend it at school.

  • We need technology at school!

    Yes because some apps help you with fine motor skills and increases the brain size and for people that can't afford iPads or laptops they can be able to use them at school and have fun with them. They are also good for research and looking up things you need to help you through school. We can buy them with school fundraisers.

  • Technology is the real world

    Technology is the basis of our main job realm. It'd be nearly impossible for a kid to get a job let alone graduate college without having background and skills in using technology. Yes, I believe core skills are necessary but technology shouldn't affect that if it is used the right way and in moderation.

  • If kids started using technology, their brains can rewire negatively - and can develop ADHD or even autism and etc.

    On the yes side, people are asserted that technology can be used as facilitators to justify themselves that technology should be used in schools. However, if technology was used by kids in schools, they would not be only to learn better, but will experience consequences that come with it, too. In the article, "Antisocial Networking?", the author, Hillary Stouts added, "With children’s technical obsessions starting at ever-younger ages — even kindergartners will play side by side on laptops during play dates — their brains may eventually be rewired and those skills will fade further, some researchers believe." Although this is a very weak statement, it might be true to the fact that many kids are addicted to technology, they are most likely to go through this process: ; So think again, would you rather learn successfully and even become unsustainable? This leads to another argument ... Technology can cause aggression - which is not adequate for going to college or getting a simple job. In another article, "8 Ways Tech Has Completely Rewired Our Brains", Rebecca Hiscott clearly states (on #7) that even though you can play fun games, you can still develop "poorer impulse control" - where jobs such as being a cashiers, require not to freak out on customers. In addition to aggressive behavior, another article, " Does Technology Cause ADHD?", Lesley Alderman states, "A recent study assessed the viewing habits of 1,323 children in third, fourth, and fifth grades over 13 months and found that children who spent more than two hours a day in front of a screen, either playing video games or watching TV, were 1.6 to 2.1 times more likely to have attention problems. " This is true because if children spend time on the computer so much, they aren't used to the conditions in school, college, or even jobs - where some doesn't use the computer, tablet, ipad, laptop, and much more at all. To conclude, if kids are utilizing technology, even at an early age, principals and teachers can decide to not use technology or they can be "dragged kicking and screaming into the new millennium" with "difficult" kids, it's their choice.

  • Technology, technology, and more technology

    When children go home after school, they will often play video games, watch TV, go on social media, search the web, or do other activities using technology. It's the way of life these days. Kids are already using technology for such a large portion of their days, and school is sometimes the only time of day (besides sleep) when they aren't using technology.
    Traditional teaching methods do work for the grand majority of the youth population. And if they don't, then it is up to the children to adapt and find a way to learn. Pencil and paper is what works best.
    While our world is technologically advanced already, that does not been schools should be using technology. It would be surprising if a kid in a typical classroom does not know how to use basic technology, as they're immersed in it at home.
    In conclusion, technology is not necessary in a learning environment, conventional methods have worked thus far and will work in the future.

  • No student should not technology in thier school

    The technology can distract the mind of a student. By which they are not able to consentrate on their study. By using technology they can"t able to use thier mind and slowly slowly they will totally depend on technology to complete teir work which is very harmful for their future

  • Kids will be cyber-bullied and they would not be able to concentrate at school

    Kids would be hurt physically and emotionally if technology was used inappropriately. Do we really want to risk emotional damage to our kids? In addition, it will harm their eye sight because of the electronic waves that are used. We have to protect this generation's kids physically and emotionally. We make our future generations, so we better look out for their health and heart.

  • I believe the decrease in basic skills

    I believe that penmanship is at a all time low. The financially challenged schools are at a disadvantage to what other some schools can afford. It is not fair for some student to be behind because they cannot afford the some technology and the necessities student would need such as internet services at the home.

  • No one thinks

    With constant entertainment, we are never left alone with just our brains to think about things. There's always youtube, or some online magazine waiting to be read. No one looks outside and thinks to themselves anymore. With technology, teachers are able to give students an even bigger workload. Heavy research, essays due at 12 am, powerpoint presentations, and movie projects make students sleep deprived. We don't have any time to go outside and look at clouds anymore. I don't know about you but I prefer the times where I could go home and pull out my textbooks fully concentrated with little distractions, and finish my homework and still have time to do other things I love as well as get a full nights rest.

  • No, Schools should not allow students to use Technology.

    We should not be able to use electronics for school. Technology is good and all but people already destroy the net-books. So I’m saying if you give the school something like an IPad it’s not going to be good. There are those people who don’t destroy them they go on impropriate sites, such as Games.Com, YouTube, and Facebook. I know you can ban them they were just examples. There are almost a few people, as for myself and others, who do as they are told. Also that is a lot of money to get over 20 to 35 per class or one big class IPad or whatever.

  • Should schools use more technology in the classroom

    Kids get too easily distracted and they could go on facebook or other social media. If there is technoglogy in the classroom they might not listen well to the teacher. If there is technology in the classroom the student may be lazy and not write out it on paper and also it will be hard for them to get a physical gob.

  • What happens if technology crashes?

    I think that schools should be able to use technology, but not for every thing they do. I am in 7th grade, and never, until this point of time, have used technology as much as i do for school. Not even when i'm at home do i use it this much! But the problem with use technology for home work is that sometimes, the net-books get damaged or crash! There are also kids who do not have Internet at home, so then what are you going to do?

  • Technology should be allowed at school for student

    I think student should not be allowed to have technology at school because they would get distracted by the technology they have because they well not get the task done that the teacher have gave them And well not get a good education in their life. As students should not be allowed the phone,ipads,ipods,as well as other thing unsutable thngs for school but the school should supply technology for us kids to seach major thing such as looking at things back from way back and even around the world . Plus technology is alot of money these day some are up to 1 thousand dorllars plus your parents have other things such as buying food paying school fess and other priority with that much money

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