• Ted Haggard Continues

    I personally think that Ted Haggard should continue to preach if it is his calling. I personally think that Ted Haggard should continue to preach because that is what he is known for. I personally think that Ted Haggard is well known for his preaching as well as being a speaker.

  • A good preacher

    Yes, I do think that this man needs to keep on preaching like the has been, because even though he has had some trouble her in the recent times, he is a very good preacher, and he can do a lot of good for the people by being up there preaching.

  • Think He Should Give It Up

    I really do not care what sexuality he is. He obviously has tried to pretend he is straight for a long time, and appears to be gay. He went to jail for drugs. I have no problem with any of that. Just stop pretending your someone you are not. He obviously does not have the virtues of a pastor. He needs to find another line of work, and quit being a hypocrite.

  • No He Shouldn't

    I believe Ted Haggard is trying to hide from him true self, not to mention he's been trying to do it in front of a whole congregation that may be willing to make him feel even worse about himself. I believe Ted Haggard should take time to learn more about himself before he tries to lead other people or worry about their opinion.

  • He is a hypocrite.

    No, Ted Haggard should not continue to preach, because he is a hypocrite. Haggard did some terrible things, all while preaching good behavior to people at the same time. I believe in sinners repenting, but Haggard needs to focus on himself and learn how to live a better life, rather than preaching to others.

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