• Sure, why not?

    I haven't really give this one too much thought, but when I think of it, sure why not? They are both extremely wealthy and successful people in their own right. Anyone can get married and fall in love, but could this end up being a complete power couple who love money?

  • No Marriage for Turner and Fonda

    It makes no sense to even suggest that Ted Turner and Jane Fonda should get remarried. The fact of the matter is that their marriage didn't work the first time. Therefore, it's not going to work the second time around, and neither has shown a willingness to try marriage once again.

  • Its been years

    Its been years since Ted Turner and Jane Fonda have been married - why would they now, after all of this time, get back together? The two of them are no longer together for a reason and likely are at a fine place in their life, might as well leave them be.

  • No, remarriages don't work.

    No, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda should not get married again, because a couple who got divorced got divorced for a reason. If they were to remarry, they would likely be quickly reminded of why they got divorced in the first place. They should go their separate ways and leave each other to other things.

  • It's not how things work most of the time.

    I'm certain that Ted Turner and Jane Fonda have considered that question privately, for them, and come up with the appropriate answer. Sometimes, relationships just do not work out, and this appears to be one of those times. Frankly, I'm surprised that two iconoclastic individuals such as themselves ever tied the knot in the first place.

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