Should Ted Turner expand his cable channel networks?

  • Yes, Ted Turner should expand his cable news network.

    CNN is losing its edge as a groundbreaking, informative news channel for various reasons, one being competition from other networks as well as social media like Twitter and uncensored news sites like LiveLeak. Ted Turner should expand into other mediums, especially in social media to reinvigorate CNN as it heads into the future.

  • Yes we could use more

    If Ted Turner were to add onto the networks that are here and across the world the world would become more and more connected with one another. Ted Turner could give more people access to events that are going on. Now the network would not make hard choices on what to show.

  • Sure, sounds good.

    I think that Ted Turner should expand his cable channel networks because the more channels the better. That is all I know, and that is all I need to know. I like TV and I like to have lots of channels to watch. I love it when new channels come around!

  • Ted Turner Has Plenty Already

    Ted Turner has plenty already with news, sports, comedy, drama and Turner Classic Movies. He has a little bit of everything including ownership of the Atlanta Braves. Turner doesn't need any more without having a channel based completely upon reality television. Plus, he's probably too old to start another network. He sould let his successors plan any expansion.

  • No, what he has works.

    No, Ted Turner should not expand his cable channel networks, because the networks he has are good networks. TNT is very popular. It is the go-to station for a good movie on a good re-run. His other stations are popular too. Turner should stick with what has worked for him, rather than venturing into other things that would likely not be as popular or profitable.

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