Should Ted Turner sell his cable channels to a larger media conglomerate?

  • Perhaps when he retires, but not now.

    I think the idea of Ted Turner selling all of his cable channels would be a good idea for when he is ready to retire or God forbid, leave this earth. I think it would be a smart idea to give his legacy over to someone else and carry own his name.

  • This already happened.

    I don't know what timeline you're living in, but in the one I live in it's 2014 and Ted Turner did that about 15 years ago when he sold off everything to Time Warner. Obviously he felt it was the right decision to make then. At some point, he had to retire.

  • It is His Business

    While most of us are sick and tired of big corporations buying up all the little ones. Meaning, competition is pretty much a joke in this world. Not saying Ted Turner's Cable Channels are little either. Just stating that is how most things work in this world. Ted turner has the rights to those cable channels and who's right is it to tell him what he should or should not do with them

  • No he shouldn't

    I do not think that Ted Turner should sell his cable channels to a larger media conglomerate. He should hold on to them as long as he can, or at least as long as he wants them. Television would not be better off if large media conglomerates owned everything. Diversity on TV is important and there needs to be more independent ownership.

  • No, he has done a good job.

    No, Ted Turner should not sell his cable channels to a larger media conglomerate, because he has done a good job managing his interests. Through the years, he has created entertaining content for his audience. He has been on the forefront of cable television and its development in the modern era.

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