Should Teen Boys and Girls Presuppose Marriage When They Get in a Relationship?

Asked by: Mit.S
  • Believe in Each Other's Love

    Statistically, indeed, we are unlikely to marry a girl/boyfriend in teenage. However, we should try out best to make the relationship last as long as possible. Thus, we should keep thinking about marriage in the future. I believe that such attitude helps relationships to work better for both of them.

  • Don't assume anything.

    Just because you love or care for someone your seeing does not mean they share the same affection. Fixating on marriage would just lead you to heartache. Professing love or talking about marriage to your boy/girlfriend too soon will likely freak them out and make the rest of your relationship uneasy if it doesn't come to a crashing end. I'm not saying you should abandon the idea, Just try to keep some control over your own emotional attachment. If things don't work out for some reason, You won't be as heartbroken. Thing is, The longer it lasts, The more likely that both will fall in love. Till then, Enjoy the time you have with them.

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dfishw says2018-07-29T17:37:50.587
It won't let me add a comment to the NO side. It just crashes. I was gonna say that you should only presuppose marriage if you really love them. Dont plan marriage just because its what you feel is expected of you, Or just because you have kids, Or because everyone else is doing it. . . Even if you get on well together.
If you do, It will only lead to disaster! Like what happends if the guy/girl of your dreams turns up tommorow (ie after you are married? ). . . . You will have little choice but to opt for a messy divorce or face the totally painful option of hurting the person you really love: this situation occurs all too frequently! Basically only marry if your heart truely says its right.