Should teen moms get the same recognition as older moms on Mother's Day?

Asked by: Fanny
  • I was a teen mom

    I had my first child at 16 (1 day shy of 17). Contrary to popular belief, some people are able to mature quickly and be good mothers. A mother is a mother no matter how young! :-) I believe that as long as a girl/woman/mother is taking care of her child they deserve to be recognized on Mother's Day!

  • Of course they should

    While teen moms do have many problems that need supporting they are still mothers. Why on earth would you not recognize them on Mother's Day? God gave us the ability to have children at an early age because for some people it is a choice they will make in their lives. The child is not any less of a child because their mother is young and the mother is not any less of a mother.

  • It's not "moms who graduated college before having a child day," or "moms who are married day,"

    It's MOTHER'S day. It's a day where we remember all mothers. Mothers love their children, put their children before themselves, and do incredible amounts of work for both her and the family. Being a mom is a huge responsibility. To a child mom is just mom and they don't consider her age. Any mom who acts like a mom should be honored regardless of age. In fact, the best studies show teen motherhood is not socially costly and may even be economically beneficial for certain poor populations, and a lot of press panics about teen sex turn out to be myths.

  • Are you kidding

    Snobbery is the only thing behind this debate!!!! Science aka biology determines that an animal or human being is capable. A loving mother can be any age. A poor mother can be any age! It is the wants not the needs that dictate when a women is a woman- mother!

  • Teen moms are still moms!

    Even though teen moms are young and theyre still teenagers, they are still mothers. They deserve to have that feeling of being a mom, no matter how young they are. Even though they may seem "not educated enough to be mom" they still are so deal with it. Teen moms are moms!

  • I respect their decision

    They could have gotten pregnant from unprotected sex, their condom snapped, or they were raped; either way if these girls chose to raise a child instead of giving it up for adoption they obviously took responsibility for their actions, meaning that they have some sense of maturity. The went through the same labor pain and the same sleepless nights as older mothers and no one has a right to tell them that they are not mothers. A bad mother is still a mother. You also have no idea the circumstances these girls are in, their age doesn't dictate how they would deal with a baby.

  • Teen mothers deserver the same recognition any other mother would receive on Mother's day.

    Mother's day is a day meant to honor mothers from every walks of life, which also includes mothers from every age group. Just because a girl gave birth at a early age does not mean she is a bad mother, some mothers who are older don't treat their children even half as good as one particular teenage mom would. Thing is age does not matter what matters is the importance of that woman in that other persons life. Basically if you are of the female gender and you are taking care of your kid you deserve to get recognition, after all there are women who even beat and neglect their kids.

  • Too stupid to know what's like to have a child

    Teen moms represent what's wrong with this country. They're irresponsible and are too young to know what the mistake is. They wrecked their life by being horny for 20 minutes. They will not be able to go college. Since the mother didn't get an education the child will be raised in sketchy matters. And adoption will ruin the child's life.

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