Should teen pregnancy be a public health issue and not a political issue?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Yes, teen pregnancy should have nothing to do with politics.

    Calling teen pregnancy a political issue makes it a nameless, faceless entity instead of the life-altering, even dangerous, concept that it is. Teens often become ill or die due to pregnancy, and no matter one's political or religious beliefs, teens are going to have sex. It is up to parents and teachers to educate teens to do it responsibly, not politicians.

  • Yes, teen pregnancy is a public health issue.

    Teen pregnancy is a huge health issue. A teenager is usually not even done growing. For them to have a child before they are fully developed is a public health issue. Their children are also more often less healthy due to their lack of worldly experience. This causes their children unnecessary health risks.

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They're the same thing!