• Teen wolf is my life

    Teen wolf is the best show ever and they have to keep making more of it or I'll be lost without it teen wolf changed my life and plus it's educational and i think more people should watch it I showed many of my friends and they love it people should keep spreading the love of teen wolf

  • Teen Wolf Should Go On

    Teen Wolf should go on as long as it is economically feasible, meaning as long as enough people continue to watch it that it makes sense for the episodes to be produced and the station to broadcast it. Since it is a series rather than a movie, there is no reason to limit it ahead to just four seasons.

  • Yes more teenwolf!!!

    Teenwolf is a great show and it will e better if it had more than 4 seasons therefore it should have more in the records of tv shows it has shown that teenwolf has beaten other tv shows for example pretty little liars it has less viewers than teenwolf and for that reason the producer jeff davis should make more teenwolf seasons.

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