Should teenage boys be allowed to have hair shoulder length or longer?

Asked by: xxrangersxx
  • Of course they should.

    I really can't think of any good reason not to allow it.
    Maybe some religious bigotry? But Jesus Christ is usually portrayed with long hair (and other biblical characters, as well). Also, Leviticus 19 states "Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard".

  • Freedom!!! Of hair

    Society trying to box people in. Men can't cry, men can't wear pink, men can't like flowers, men can't grow their hair. People are insecure and leads them to try to control others. 1st Amendment , free speech and expression. Men could learn to be a bit more feminine, compassionate, patient. "Search your feelings Luke, you know it to be true!" --Vader
    "That's impossible!" then stupid Luke throws himself down airshaft in the City in The Clouds. Macho idiot, haha

  • Yes they should

    I think that boys should be able to have hair as long as they want because it is a free country. And the last thing we need is a bunch of stereotypes telling us that it looks like crap. If girls can have it, than why can't guys. Anyone should be able to have hair as long as they want as long as it looks good and is groomed well

  • He does not care.

    I myself have young a 14 years old teenager who learned that society will never meet with the standarts of anyone and so he stopped caring. Like if anyone were to tell him you "shouldn't have long hair it's not right for your age neither your gender" he just says "well I don't care and if don't care neither should you" and up to now every time he does that it's followed by an argument bout the morals of society now on days and a polite discuss about it with the person who said that to him in the first place which usually goes on for like 5 minutes or until the other person gets tired or we have to go, And I'm starting to think that due to the constant attention that his hair brings it's has become a part of him to question the logical thinking of the person around him in a polite way often leaving to a new friend if it's someone a bit older or positive opinion if it's an adult but curious enough since he started doing that he stopped using his phone or any kind of social media except youtube but when he uses it it's often researching for psicology. Other than that the only negative thing that I can recall is that he stopped being affected by other people insults leading a sort of non caring quiet and polite state

  • If boys want longer hair then let them.

    I think long hair is not a gender thing anymore. Some women have very short hair and see nothing wrong with it. If boys wants to curl, straighten or color their hair then let them. Some people practice the art of singeing hair to reduce split ends. This may be a good thing for long hair since its prone to split ends. Preferably I wear my hair short. But there is nothing wrong with long hair on people.

  • Teen guys should be able to get long hair!

    Sure, they could be mistaken as a girl, or get hot, or whatever, but if it's too much of a problem, they can change it! It's their hair, their decision! As a teen guy myself, I know that saying you CAN'T do this, even though you thought it out is more of a parental preference, and gives the message everything they do must be controlled.

  • It's THEIR hair!

    Isn't this just discrimination? Girls can wear their hair however they like, long, short, etc... It strikes me as being plainly unfair that males are expected to have short hair. Equality dude!

    At the end of the day, appearance is subjective. Some people don't like guys with long hair, some do. It seems pretty shallow and low to judge someone by their physical appearance.

  • Let them have

    What ever hair length they want. It's their hair, their head and their life. If they want it long, so may it be so. They want it short - same here. Kids must have their own understanding for fashion, not what people around dictate to them. Let them choose freely.

  • Boys should have long hair

    Sometimes long hair is better for boys my parents used to drag me to this terrible hair salon and my hair went terrible. Now i grew my hair a bit and its okay. There are situations where "short and neat" hair is crappy for dudes. P.S You can sniff your own hair if its long

  • To Each His Own

    Nothing wrong with long hair. If a boy wants long hair, its his hair and should be allowed to do so. If he wants short hair, he should be allowed to do so.
    The problem lies with the bullies in the world. There the problem.
    Long hair does not have any underlying meaning.

  • I allow it (even though it's not my business) but don't recommend.

    I know a lot of guys who have long hair. And I can say that it's totally ugly, unless you are blessed with great facial features and don't have the bangs. It also has great benefit - you don't look like a girl, your head doesn't sweat a lot, it's easier to maintain and a every guy I suggested to shorten his hair is now more good-looking than he was before.

    Posted by: wwmd

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Ragnar says2013-07-31T18:41:44.937
Sure, why not?