Should teenage drivers be allowed to have cell phones in the car?

  • Should you always have your car insurance in the car?

    Yes! Teenagers should have a cell phone when driving. I don't mean that they should be allowed to text and drive, but what if an emergency happens? Say if a teenager gets into a wreck? Shouldn't they have a cell phone on hand to call 911 and their parent/s? Yeah, there are those teenagers who died in wrecks because they were texting, but that's their own fault. There are responsible teenagers out there who have cell phones for emergencies, just like a spare tire, cables, and a car jack. Don't blame the death of a loved one onto cell phones in a car. Try asking yourself this: Have you ever answered your phone while driving, or put on make-up while driving, or even checked the mirror while driving? If yes, why can't teenagers have a cell phone while driving hypocrite?

  • Not on, but in the car

    Teenagers should be able to have their cell phones in the car with them, but they should not be turned on. The only reason I can think of for teenagers to have their cell phones on in the car, is in the case of an emergency, such as calling the police, calling home, or calling their parents.

  • Should teenagers be allowed to text while driving

    No I don't teenager should be able to text while driving because they can't see what is going on up ahead of them and there are two thing that could happen 1. They could kill someone 2. They could get into a crash and kill themself.It should be to where you can't text while driving.

  • Should cell phones be banned

    No I don't think they should be completely banned but cell phones are a big distraction in cars, if the phone starts ringing or they get a text they will want to answer it and most of them do. If they aren't banned there is nothing to stop them from checking their phones.

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