Should teenage girls be allowed to wear bikinis on field trips involving swimming?

Asked by: Rendersen22
  • Girls should be able to wear whatever they want!

    Girls can wear whatever they want to wear, And if there’s gonna be a problem then they’ll figure it out on their own. It’s not our fault that guys are attracted to us, And we shouldn’t be punished for that! If a girl feels happy and confident in a bikini, Then I don’t see a problem with it at all.

  • They should be allowed!

    I know bikinis expose a lot of skin, But bikinis are literally the norm for teenage girls. Some of my female friends tell me that they only own bikinis and not one-pieces. It would be very unfair for schools to restrict the use of bikinis for those who do not own one-pieces.

  • Bla Bla Bla

    Side opposition here is destroying the very values of our society. They want to ban all forms of freedom and fun as outlined by MitchV, "What kind of "field trip" is it if going swimming is part of the outing? ". They want our world to be fascist. A bas, Les fascists!

  • Yes mate yes

    I mean there is no reason to not allow girls to wear bikinis because they are covering everything they need to and if guys are allowed to go swimming with only shorts on then girls should be allowed to do the equivalent, As in wearing a bikini otherwise it could be considered sexist and that ain't allowed.

  • They can wear whatever they want!

    It shouldn't matter what they wear, It's just for swimming! Boys are allowed to wear whatever clothes they want on trips, Why shouldn't girls be allowed to? Boys sometimes don't even wear shirts. Girls should be allowed to wear what they want, If they feel good in it, They should be able to wear it. Also, Not all people own one pieces.

  • Sure why not

    I think that teenaged girls should be allowed to wear bikinis to field trips that includes swimming as well ok and yes I think that we should absolutely allow teenaged girls to wear bikinis to field trips also involving swimming as well ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye

  • You represent the school.

    When your on a field trip, You are representing you school. Others who see your class will judge your school by it's students. This is not just in how you ace, What you day, But also how you dress.
    I'm just wondering, What kind of "field trip" is it if going swimming is part of the outing?

  • Whyy do you need to wear that

    And these frickin idiot girls think its "empowerment". Seriously? It leads to self-objecctification. Beauty doesnt last forever. I get that the dress codes try to turn girls into sex objects but wearing bikinis or whatever doesnt help it. If women weren't sex objects then they would empower themselves by showing that THEY CAN PLAY SPORTS, BE SMART KIND INTELLIEGENT WOMEN THE WORLD CAN LEAN ON THAT THEY"RE NOT JUST BODIES. When they wear revealing outfits they don't put the focus on themselves as rational beings - but simply ones that can look pretty ( self-objectification ) and no, Im not sexualizing them ; they sexualize themselves. They post naked pics on media and use that as evidence of sexualization and wonder why women aren't respected. I dunno where feminism is going these days - to the garbage can

  • It is inappropriate

    We are talking of doing scholar activity. Where teachers, Directors are involved. Its not appropriated that girls wear bikini. There are occasions to used it. And occasions when we have to be more formal. Also when one girl wear one other girl maybe want to. But some just don’t and they are bothered with that.

  • No Bikinis for Teen Girls

    Coming from a conservative society, I believe they should be taught to be decent right from a young age. We need to advocate for dignity from a young age so that we can create a society that remains true to its moral values. Otherwise, We'll end up creating a society that doesn't value decency.

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