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  • What kind of question is this?

    Someone getting pregnant doesn't mean force them out of school. That's irrational. If they still want to try their hand at school while taking care of a little one, it's on them.

    That'll force the notion that women belong in the kitchen, which is incredibly harmful in society. I say give them the automatic option, but don't force them

  • No. We need to be kind to teenage moms.

    Teenage moms should not be forced out of school. Young moms have enough struggles in their future they do not need additional pressure put on them by being forced to get education elsewhere. Teachers and students should be kind to these future mothers. Instead of making them an outcast, use them to teach other students about the changes their body is going through as well as the responsibility of parenting.

  • No, they need school more than most.

    No, teenage moms should not be forced out of school, because school should be available for all who truly want to learn. It would not be fair to kick a teen mom out of school, but not the child's father, or any other teen who has had premarital sex that did not result in a pregnancy. The teen mom should have a chance to better herself.

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