Should teenagers 13 years and up still be spanked?

Asked by: Marine_Fantasy
  • I would pay to get spanked

    Kids nowadays don't even know how easy they are having. Back in my days not only were we emotionally abused by our parents but also a lot of spanking and beatings. My old man used to beat me into submission. Nowadays, they only get emotionally taunt by their parents with all the verbal insultings. What happened to the physical contacts? Quit with all the teasings and get back to the good old ways!

  • Yes they should

    If a child is 13 years old and still needs to be spanked, that is because they didnt get enough before they were 13.. A child stops getting spankings when they are capable of enough self discipline to stop doing things that would earn a good spanking. Will a 14 year old no be burned if they put their hand in the fire just because they are 14 years old?

  • Of course not.

    Of course they shouldn't-- I'm sure because they're older, you can get to the child's brain using other techniques instead of spanking. Also, the child would most likely stop taking you seriously because you're using the same strategy to get them to listen every time, and instead, would cause rebellion instead of encouraging obedience. Another reason for this is the older child would probably feel embarrassed that they're being spanked at their age to teach them a lesson, and so, again, they would feel like rebelling and doing more bad things to prove some sort of point. Because they're older, they feel like they have some sort of power, and that is power being taken away from them, so they rebel to gain it back.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    It won't work. Teenagers are not little kids, and they should not be treated like them. When children grow up, they need to be treated as a grown-up! If they are still treated like a small child then they will feel like they are still small children, and will behave like them. It definitely won't work on them either. No way.

  • Many other options.

    When their young, spanking tends to hurt just enough to make them want to avoid it again but not too harsh that it causes any real damage. Problem is, when they get older, it wouldn't work as well. No problem tho, there are other options. For instance, you could have the kid dig a hole just to fill it back up, or shut off the power in their bed room. Today, parents tend to have another option. Take away their phone or video games. Basically, take away something they are attached to.

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