Should teenagers' access to the internet be limited?

  • Most teenagers lack the maturity to be on the internet.

    Their internet use should be limited to educational purposes only, And it should be monitored by an adult/tutor. If they start participating on online forums or more social stuff, Their behavior will be affected and they will not be able to discern, Therefore disturbing their mentality and most basic values.

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  • Yes, Most cannot be truested to use responsibly

    The internet is a wonderful concept, But increasingly teens use it more than experiencing real life! Nothing wrong with using for games or social media or homework etc, However this is not needed tall day and all night, It prevents 'real' relationships developing, Social media is a double edged sword and I feel teen use should be both monitored and limited but not to the extent that they are social pariahs

  • Internet access should be limited

    As students spend most of their time on Internet and everything the studied is vanished from their minds when spending more than 1 hr on Internet. In my opinion students especially teenagers has to be limited from internet access. The parents also should take care of this and have trust in their Children.

  • Internet access must be limited to students

    My point of view is that teenagers spend a lot of time on social networks rather than studying which may lead to failure at school some teenagers end up smoking or drinking alcohol and that may be a bad influence to the students in his or her class I thank uu

  • The Internet is good BUT...

    I am a teenager who spends a lot of time on social media so I understand those who say that it shouldn't be limited but, it should be limited to extent where if the teens know when to do things then it is fine. But if they do not know when to do the things they need to then the time those teens have on social media should be limited.

  • The internet should be limited most of the time.

    Internet access should be limited to teenagers most of the time because they may go off and play games or something. They still need the internet because it may be crucial to a school assignment. Teenagers may also need to contact their parents or other students, so only certain parts of the internet should be restricted.

  • Internet should access should be limited

    Teenagers nowadays access the internet for every small detail and have forgotten the use of books and dictionary they are forgetting the art of writing and practicing things practically. The old style of studying and educating was better than these modern types of education. But unfortunately, education also has become equally commercialized and pressurized for students and we are not able to take any step towards this

  • Internet access should be limited

    Many are stupid and play games the whole period when the teachers are doing their work. This is not fair because your teachers come in the early morning to get the day started and all you do is the waste time and play games all day. Or kids just don't want to go to school

  • Students should be limited to internet access

    I think we should be limited because it might distract you from the work that you are doing. Of course teachers are going to make you finish the work on time and the teachers will give you enough time to finish it so why shouldn’t we be limited to internet access

  • Would become stubborn

    If teenagers are monitored always and stopped from using internet, They would become more stubborn and would be much more eager or curious about that. They will be inquisitive to know what wrong is there, Why are the parents always monitoring them? There must be something wrong.

  • Think about it.

    Why teens shouldn't be limited on the internet

    First of all, Almost every single teen over the age of 12 or 13 has some sort of connection to the internet. Weather it be a personal device or a parents and millions if not billions of people use the internet in a single day. It's a place for people to connect together form around the world.
    Also, We have access to about 19% of the entirety all websites searchable to almost all users, The other 81% is hidden behind firewalls or vpns and can only be observed through a few select browser. Google, Bing, And even yahoo can't even begin to connect the sites, Weather from government intervening or isp (internet service providers) blocking access to these sites. The reason i say this is to deem the notion that the internet is a “dangerous” place is incorrect to some extent. Now, There are a few sites (liveleak and ETC) that show graphic content but to the statement referring to “81% is hidden behind firewall or vpns” is where the real danger lies and can cause user discomfort or theft of a person's personal information or identity if one's personal computer (PC) or other connected devices are not properly protected. The reason i show all this information is to show that i've properly educated myself on the internet with extended use and personal interactions, So has millions of young people who understand the same premise. A reason out of many is if these younger people including myself lears the steps and protocols to protect ourselves. Let me divert for a moment to say if people of the younger generations (13-20) didnt learn ahead of time and wasn't properly educated would be disaster in the future. And we can see what happened to a generation who wasn't prepared are the people ages 40-60 who use the internet. Not all of them know what a blatant scam looks like and people start to lose money and other thing such as personal information and even their identity. Furthermore the knowledge of the world wide web for most in this age group is very limited. The parents or people who want to control the internet for younger people, Can't begin to under stant what goes on when their teens enter the internet. Mostly for what research i've done most of them say all teens do is chat for hours on end, Depressed and deprived of sleep and the internet is swarming with people who want to harass and bully them, But it's far from the truth. Sure their are people who what to “see the world burn” or internet in this case who actually want to hurt people sometimes referred to as trolls finding pleasure in hurting people.

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    I think that kids these days are watching in appropriate things and that causes them to be creepy little s***S that love to delete their search history every night.
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  • No teens should be aloud on their phone

    It is a new generation of teens we almost need to on our phone to be updated on new school events or world events. Plus it makes life a lot easier for teens having a phone that they can use whenever instead of having limited phone time. SSS SSS sS

  • No way no

    No because they could turn in to zombies or robots and that won't be good and they would not learn if they are a zombie also if they are playing video games it would not be good so no way they are going to get limited on internet access yes, .

  • The Internet is developed for Convenience

    If it is developed for convenience than it should be used for convenience. Time progresses, Our society should accept new things in their life. Before the internet, There are still bad kids who don't work on their assignment and instead climb out the wall to play in arcades or cope with their friends at midnight, There are still kids who search for porn magazine sellers. It's not the internet that brought all these distractions, It's always been here, Just more convenient. If you limited their internet, They will still find other things to do other than working. It's pointless and reactionary.

  • Porn is not gonna solve anything

    Why does everyone keep talking about porn u see similar stuff in regular movies. I mean for me porn that really not that really of a big deal like its a part of us that u can't avoid. It will happen with or without technology usage. So let things the way it is. Is just part of life. Just saying

  • Porn not is big deal

    Why does everyone keep talking about porn u see similar stuff in regular movies. I mean for me porn that really not that really of a big deal like its a part of us that u can't avoid. It will happen with or without technology usage. So let things the way it is. Is just part of life.

  • World's should not be limited

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  • Internet should not be restricted for mid to older teen, while it may be limited for younger teens/preteens.

    Once a teen reaches the high school age, their internet usage should not be restricted. Handling the internet is a crucial part of a teen's maturation process. They need to learn to handle the internet appropriately and well in preparation for entering the world/college on their own in a few years. If they are not taught how to use the internet while under the guidance of their parents, then the teen will crumble under the temptations of the internet when they are on their own.

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