• Birth Control is a safety measure as well as a health measure.

    I can't be the only one who knows this. Teenagers are going to have sex. As much as we should continue working to help stop teen sex, there are no absolute solutions. The most we can do is provide as much protection as possible (I'm not saying that it should be allowed and that it's safe, but it will help.) Birth control, condoms, morning after pills etc. Teenagers want to have sex, they want to experiment, to be intimate with a partner, it's a natural biological need. Even though we do not want teenagers to have sex, as a teenager myself, I know that as much as we can reduce it, an produce the facts, there will always be teenagers that will ignore it, and have sex.

    I would also like to state that Birth control isn't just a pregnancy prevention medication. II am on birth control because I Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I didn't even know I had it until I was diagnose at 15 when a cyst ruptured. Birth control and pain killers (Like advil) is the only medication that helps ease the pain. If I'm not taking my birth control I'll end up going into an extreme amount of pain that feels like a nail is being pounded into me. I've already had a rupture twice. I also have a decrease chance of getting pregnant (If I ever want to) and I would have an increase risk of getting diabetes.

    Birth control is helping me maintain my health. Before I took it I was in and out of the emergency room CONSTANTLY. I was missing so much school that twice I had to sign an attendance contract with the school. I may still have to have my ovaries remove in the future, but for right now Birth control is helping me manage my life.

  • They may be taking birth control for other reasons.

    Birth control isn't just used to prevent someone from getting pregnant. A lot of people use it so that their menstrual cycle isn't as terrible. Birth control is really effective for women or girls that may experiance serious pain around that time. Sometimes they need something like birth control to even go to school.

    As for birth control being used for things such as not getting pregnant, I think that if someone is aware of the things that may happen even though they are taking birth control, they should be aloud to have sex.

  • Teenagers should be allowed to take birth control

    Yes, I believe that teenagers should be allowed to take birth control. It is naive to think that teenagers are not having sex. Withholding birth control will increase the risk of unwanted teenage pregnancies. Teenagers deserve to have the control that birth control offers to them, just as all women should.

  • I'm not sure if they should be able to depending on age.

    I'm not sure that teenagers of certain age ranges should be allowed birth control. I think that at a really young age the parents should have involvement with decisions like that. It seems like they might be too readily available for a number of teenagers at ages that may not be acceptable.

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