Should teenagers be able to text or have technology in their schools?

  • Yes They Should be aloud

    What if your parents need to contact you to tell you that they are not going to pick you up or their not at home. What happens if you get hurt and you need to contact them. Teenagers should be aloud to have technology at school incase of any of these happening to them.

  • Yes we should

    Teens should be able to use technology or text in school because IG we need to text our perents and its an emergency we should be able to do the instead of getting our phones taken away and getting in trouble for having our phones out and then having to got to the principles office for texting our dad because our mom got in a car accident or something because that's just wrong

  • Tech Should be Aloud

    If students are in an emergency and need to get help right away, they could just text or call somebody for help. Also, if a kid doesn't know what they are doing after school or what bus to ride, they could just text their parents and ask them. So, yes, teens SHOULD be aloud to text and have tech at school.

  • Tech for teens

    Many people say that technology takes away from the purpose of learning, yet how would kids know that the war of 1812 even happened if they were unable to search it? Also, why kill a bunch of trees using paper tests when kids could take it online. I say yes for tech!

  • For free time only.

    Because once their work is done why make them stare at the wall all damn day? If they have no other work to do, a no-tech policy would be pretty boring, wouldn't it?

    Also, think about it: with technology in schools you're giving these kids something to work for. ;)

  • Phones? No. Technology? Yes.

    For starters, take cell phones off the table for now because that's a different beast. With the advent of the internet and sites like Kahn Academy and even youtube, the best teachers I've ever worked with used technology to enhance and supplement their classes. With all the money that is spent on education if you budgeted money to hand out every student a school issued laptop with necessary locks and filters, it would change education in America dramatically for the better. Is it practical? Probably not, but it would be a good thing to work towards.

  • They should be allowed

    In my school, they don't allow phones in the school. SO short term, rules are meant to be broken, a lot of people sneak in phones. It's very easy. And they are addicted to them even more because they're the only people in school with phones. IT doesn't help at all, if kids misuses phones, they should be confiscated, but what if you need to tell your parents to pick you up, or call 911 of a crime.

  • Technology in schools

    I think that they should have technology in school because then they will be able to look up stuff when they are doing homework in class or something like that. When they are taking a test, you should be able to take them away just in case they cheat on it.

  • Well, maybe texting but not technology.

    Everyone would be playing on their phone, going on Facebook and stuff like that, but like it or not, school is school and school is for learning, not playing or chatting. I would love o text in class but it would totally remove the main cause of having a school in the first place.

  • Of course not!

    I'm just doing this because there are no responses on the no side. I thought that it wasn't cool that no one's arguing back, so I posted this. Now I need to fill in the fifty words. I'll have one argument, and that is: "Technology sucks your brain out! Go play outside!" Now imagine a really old man saying that.

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