Should teenagers be allowed to watch Breaking Bad?

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  • Teenagers Should Be Allowed to Watch Breaking Bad

    Yes, teenagers should be allowed to watch Breaking Bad. Though the program has much raw and questionable material, it is ultimately the depiction of one man's fall due to getting caught up in the wrong thing. This is a tragic tale, in many ways very Shakespearean. A teen could learn a lot from this tragedy.

  • Yes, they are mature enough.

    Yes, teenagers should be allowed to watch Breaking Bad, because teenagers are plenty old enough to separate fiction from reality. Breaking Bad is probably too much for children or tweens, but teenagers are mature enough to know that is it not real, and that they should not base their own actions on what they watch.

  • Breaking Bad offers life lessons to people of all ages

    Breaking Bad is one of the most influential television shows to ever air. It follows two of the most human characters to ever grace tv, Jesse and Walt. These two characters experience many different situations that cause them to explore humanity and react: they grow and shrink accordingly. Jesse turns to light, Walt to darkness, but they both come around in a very human way. There are life lessons in this show about drug abuse, poor relationships, and bad marriages.. Any teenager can learn from what is shown on this show. I think it's perfect for the mature minded teen.

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