• Teenagers should be charged with a crime for sexting.

    Teenagers should be charged with a crime for sexting. It is the same as an indecent exposure charge. If a teenager walked down the street and showed his private parts to someone, that would be a crime. Showing private parts through texting is indecent exposure. Parents should talk to their teens and tell them that sharing these photographs will bring consequences at home as well as with the authorities.

  • Yes they should

    By a certain age, anyone without mental disabilities should know right from wrong. You send it to someone who you likely don't know as well as you think you do, or throw it on omegle, or to 48 year old creep posing as a 14 year old boy. Then it gets spread around and added to the ever growing pile of child porn on the internet along with a shit ton of other teens all doing the same. A child porn picture that would not exist without the person taking that selfie. It also enables pedos because they know they can get child porn from kids so willing to distribute it. If not charging the kids with a crime (which distributing cp is) at the very least they should be punished in some way. Consoling or psychological therapy.

  • Theses kids are not sex offenders

    I do believe this should remain illegal , but these kids should not be charged with child pornography. They are not predators over themselves! These thoughts of them being sex offenders are ridiculous. They are not supporting child pornography. The only persons they exploited was themselves and this all needs to end! The federal courts and all states need to fix these laws so that teen will not be charged with the same laws as pedophiles. They need to change the law to a juvenile offense and change the crime to something like "underage sexting" and to be completely different from child pornography laws. What do you think kids are gonna do? They are going to take naked pictures of themselves just like lots of adults do it and they are not charged with any crime this is only a crime for minors. Theses laws were designed to PROTECT kids, NOT criminalize them for pictures of themselves. What's next?STATUTORY RAPE if there caught MASTURBATING?!? What if the appear nude by a mirror? Isn't that viewing child pornography? Need to fight for these kids and help them instead of branding them a predators. We need to go after REAL predators, NOT kids being stupid!

  • No not at all

    The 1st amendment protects the freedom of speech and of the press. To charge a crime for sexting is a blatant attack on this amendment and goes against the core fabric of the United States. Also trying to charge a teenager with this behavior is horrible because they are constantly bombarded by hormones and commercial marketing about sex.

  • Teenagers should NOT be charged for Sexting

    In my opinion, sexting is usually pretty harmless. In the following situation, I believe that teenagers should not be charged for sexting. If a young man (18 years old) is dating a woman who is also 18 years old, they should allowed to exchange sexual pictures for fun or if they are in a long distance relationship. Sex is necessary to relieve stress and sexting should have no negative effects on that.

  • Sexting Should Not Be a Crime for Teenagers

    Teenagers lack the mental capacity to rationalize sexting as anything but innocent and harmless communication. Punishment for a crime should be reserved for people who intentionally commit acts that are harmful to others. As sexting is a person taking a picture of himself and sending it, there is no harm to the other person.

  • Children are immature and cannot appreciate the consequences of their decisions. They should not be charged with a crime.

    Children's brains are still growing and cannot process information efficiently and this causes faulty decision making. Teens need to be made aware of how their actions in the present can create serious problems in the future. Parents and other authority figures must be available and aware to give proper direction.

  • I think sexting should be legal in minors

    I think as long as they are both under 18 and 13 or over, sexting should be legal. As by criminalising it is just going to make teens do it more, teens like to rebel, and maybe if it was legal it wouldn’t be seen as much as a ‘cool’ thing to do. They’re just teens, wanting to explore themselves and others if it’s done in a healthy way and they’re not being harrassed etc. It should be legal.

  • Teenagers should not be charged for private consensual sexting

    If it is between a couple within two years of age and the pictures are not shared without consent it is no more of a crime than privately having sex in a private location that is completely consensual. If a member of the public was searching through a persons house and walked in on a couple having sex the couple would not be charge of an indecent act. Likewise if a member of the public is searching through someones private texts without that persons permission the teens should not be charged with an indecent act for sharing nudes privately and with consent between two individuals with less than two years in age difference.

  • Only idiots would vote yes to this.

    Texting is a private act between two people.
    Biology does not follow Laws
    Teenagers are just as capable of having intimate relationships as adults.
    Teenagers are immune to age related 'rape' laws, as neither individual has an age advantage on the other. These idiots prosecuting 18 year olds for sleeping with 17 year olds, need to have their heads checked. They are doing such a serious injustice that I find it questionable AT BEST, that they are able to serve as a judge of law!

  • Sexting is more beneficial than having sex and should NOT be a crime

    Sexting among minors, lowers the risks of becoming pregnant, getting raped and catching an STD or STI. However, sexting should be legal to a certain extent. Minors should not be allowed to sext with an adult over the age of 18 and vise versa and if they are caught doing so, they should be punished or charged accordingly. In addition, sexting is a personal choice just like sex and you dont see people trying to make sex illegal, so why make sexting illegal when it's less harmful and risky. Sexters need to know though that if they share nudes to others, it automatically becomes the other persons property and they are in possession of the picture, so that makes it okay for them to send it to other people. If you are not okay with being exposed, dont send explicit pictures. Overall sexting should be legal because there is no harm being done and people have sexual desires, and thats not wrong.

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