• As a safety measure.

    I believe that if kids really want to have sex, they're going to have sex. And when people (especially teenagers) are told that they aren't allowed to do something, they will be more inclined to go out and perform the act that has been forbidden. By providing them with condoms, adults are at least saying that they need to be safe.

  • Teenagers are full of hormones and therefore should be provided condoms.

    Teenagers are bursting at the seams with hormones. Not all teenagers will have sex but there are enough of them out there doing it already that it is an excellent idea to provide them al with condoms. Having condoms doesn't mean you are definitely going to have sex; condoms are better to have as a just in case plan than having nothing at all. Nowadays anyone can buy condoms at a local store, so why not educate our youth ourselves before social media does?

  • It's important that teenagers be as safe as possible.

    Yes, I think that teenagers should be provided with condoms. If a teenager is going to have sex, they're going to have sex, regardless of whether or not they have a condom. Because of this, I think that it's important that teenagers be as safe as possible, and giving them condoms can contribute to this.

  • No, they probably won't use them.

    The truth is, if a teenager is given condoms, it is basically encouraging him/her to have sex. You may think that it is simply a precautionary measure, but it will end up leading to a promiscuous lifestyle if they are not properly educated about the emotional and physical dangers of sex. It is possible that a teenager will use the condom the first time they have sex, but what about the next time? What if they don't have a condom near-by? They will likely go ahead and have sex, thinking that it's acceptable and safe to do so because they think they'll be able to control the situation.

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