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  • Yes they should in most cases

    Its a good point that the teens could get abused in prison witch is why is why think the government should start making severe prisons for the teens that commit crimes like murder, rape, and armed robbery etc.
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  • Yes, jueveniles should be tried as an adult

    The children of todays era see so much on tv with often lead to crime. Criminals should be treat as a criminal nothing less nothing more. Rehab is also an option so its not gonna be so bad. Its a 50 50 chance it may or may not work out.

  • Yes, in some extreme cases.

    A teen should usually not be tried as an adult, but when a young person has committed a horribly violent act that was thought about ahead of time without having been abused by that victim in the first place, then it is likely no rehabilitation is possible and it is okay to be tried as an adult.

  • With Continuing Problems

    I believe that some teenagers should be tried as adults. I think the juvenile justice system is good to allow children a second chance or maybe even a third, but when a teen continues to commit crimes beyond that, then they should be tried as adults. I don't think we should let youth get away with crimes just because of their age.

  • Yes, they should.

    I think teenagers should always be tried as adults. The juvenile system does not work. It basically gives kids a slap on the wrist. They learn that crimes do not have big penalties. It gives them more incentive to commit more crimes. I believe if they were tried as adults everytime then they would be more likely to change.

  • Teenagers should sometimes be tried as adults.

    If teenagers have done a heinous crime, it is permissible for them to be tried as adults. A judge and jury should look at the particulars of the situation in order to determine the best penalty. Someone who has acted like an adult in committing a crime should be punished in kind.

  • Yes they should.

    Teenagers should be tried as adults if the crime is bad enough. A teenage should know better, so if they commit a crime that is bad enough, they should have to pay the price. If it is a small crime, then they should not be able to be tried as an adult.

  • Yes, Teens Can and Should be Tried as Adults

    Owing to widespread gang violence and increased one-on-one crime, I truly believe that teenagers have to come to the realization that there are serious consequences to their premeditated or impulsive criminal acts. A teenager should be tried as an adult for particularly egregious offenses -- murder, rape, assault -- that result in severe injury or death to a fellow human being. The court system has been too lenient with juvenile offenders. Some of these offenders must be tried as adults.

  • Horrible absolutely not

    I don't care if they murdered someone they are just kids and they can serve time in juvie till they are 18 and get another trial and the judge can determine if they have to go to prison. They could be raped or abused and in prison there are bad remodels.

  • Horrible,absolutely, not no

    Because they say a three year old knows right from wrong cause of IQ and if they were to kill someone they would be tried as adults and some grownups go to jail for rapping and abusing and that three year old could be sexually abused or abused and its a bad role model for them when they are done with there time

  • They need help.

    I agree they need to serve time but not in the adult prison, and they need to be rehabilitated. Adults who raised them, adults in the community, our society need to change our ways to help our kids grow responsibly. We can not solely blame it on them. We are also to blame how our kids are acting now these days. The change needs to happen with the adults first.

    Posted by: AMQ
  • Teenagers Should Not Be Tried as Adults

    No, teenagers should never be tried as adults as teenagers do not have fully formed brains and senses of right and wrong. In addition, teenagers do not quite fully grasp the consequences of their actions, so to try them as adults is not just silly, but also very, very wrong.

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