Should teenagers ever receive criminal penalties similar to adults?

  • Yes, depending on the case.

    If a teenager commits a serious crime and is fully aware of what he is doing and its impact, then he should be tried as an adult, especially if he is an older teen. Many teenagers get away with very serious crimes when not tried as an adult, even when they should be held fully accountable for their crimes.

  • Teenage Criminals Deserve Adult Penalties

    Teenagers who commit serious crimes should be treated as adults under some circumstances. There should be no difference in the penalties for murder, rape and armed robbery. These particular crimes are perpetrated by people who have very little ability to empathize or love. In these extreme cases, the harshest penalties should prevail regardless of the age of the criminal.

  • Yes, depending on the age and circumstances

    If a teenager is close to being an adult, such as a 16 or 17-year-old, and the crime is heinous enough, he or she should be tried as an adult. Also, if a jury can prove that the teen knew what he or she was doing and was not acting out of naivet�, then the teen should be tried as an adult.

  • If they knew what they were doing

    The teenage years are a period of transition. Teenagers are no longer children but not quite fully adults. In many cases, teenagers are fully aware of the decisions they are making as well as the consequences of such decisions. So, in those cases, they should be tried as adults and held to that level of accountability

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