Should teenagers get abortions if they are pregnant

Asked by: heartblue102
  • It's the mother's descision

    It' not up to others to tell women what they can and cannot do with themselves. Besides, if the child is not wanted, it will feel that growing, and it will suffer from that. Abortion is the right thing to do, and the fetus is not alive until around the 20th week of pregnancy. Anything after is a bit iffy.

  • It is their choice, and fetuses cannot be considered alive until the third trimester

    We kill millions of animals each day, in the name of meat products. Each one is many times more intelligent than a clump of cells you nuts call "A baby"

    The brain and other receptors only begin appearing at the third trimester, so the fetus cannot be 'alive' until that time.

  • Moms have the choice

    Think about it, what type of life would that potential child ( not even technically a child yet) have? A life of poverty, regret, blame? That child would life in shame their whole life. Now flip the typical stereotype, that this teen mom was partying and having unprotected sex. What if this was a rape victim that conceived the rapists baby? Would she have the right the terminate the pregnancy or would she have to give birth to the son of her rapist? Issues like these are not one sided and should not be treated as such, give the mom the right.

  • It's not your place

    As a late teenager I was pressured into a situation and thought I could be pregnant as a result. I took Plan B but very close to the 72 hour mark and I was over the weight suggestion. Needless to say I was terrified. I have very high goals for myself and wanted to continue my education and couldn't drop my entire life to bring life to world that wasn't ready for it. I would never bring a child into this world unless I was emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially ready, none of which I was. I made up my mind that I would have gone through with an abortion had I been pregnant, which I wasn't. The point? No one can dictate what I should and shouldn't do with my body. Could I have put it up for adoption? Maybe. But I couldn't pay for the doctors; I couldn't have survived those 9 months leading up; and I couldn't have given up something that came from my own body. I have the comfort of knowing that if I need to and feel it necessary, I can have an abortion. Who are you to take that away from me?

  • While it is her choice.

    The question is "should". The answer is yes. A teen mother is seldom choosing to be a mother at that age. Most are not in a good position to have a child, and only continuing the pregnancy based on outside pressures from religion, parents and society.

    The best choice for a pregnant teen is abortion.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Yes they should have that choice.

    First off the fetus does not have the neural pathways to experience pain along with many other brain activities which we require for personhood. Second the teen is taking responsibility by having an abortion as they still have to pay hundreds of dollars to have the preocedure. Lastly birth at such a young age carries a greater risk and will cause greater damage to the girl's body.

  • A baby shouldn't be a punishment

    Many of the arguments against abortion I see are completely ignorant of many situations teenagers go through. For example the "baby deserves a chance" argument completely ignores the fact that many teenagers live in homes where getting pregnant would mean getting disowned, thus depriving both mother and child from any possible future. Plus, having a child is a very significant financial burden, one which would force the mother to devote vast resources toward that child's upbringing, preventing her from using said resources from furthering herself, thus keeping her from giving the baby any real future.
    Also the "she should take responsibility" argument assumes that teenage mothers should be punished for having sex, which is entirely based on opinion, and thus has no valid basis in a debate about facts. What people might say to counter this argument would be that the baby shouldn't be punished for the mother's poor choices, but think about who's really getting punished, the fetus, who, assuming the pregnancy is discovered early on, has not developed the most basic functions needed to survive outside the womb, or the mother, who, among other things, must go through childbirth, which is both extremely painful and potentially life-threatening.

  • Their choice, but it's what I would recommend

    Teen parents rarely make good parents. Likewise, single parenting has time and time again been demonstrated to be inferior to dual parenting and typically when a baby is born to a pair of teenagers one parent (usually the father, but sometimes the mother) just gets up and walks away, never to return to that child's life or take any other interest in them again. The child usually ends up either raised by a single mother or father never knowing their other half and always being reminded by their absence that they are unwanted, and/or they are put into state care. Teen pregnancies, much like teen relationships, almost never work out. While it is ultimately the young woman's choice, I would say that abortion is usually the best option on the table.

  • WHAT ABOUT ADOPTION??? Both sides win!!!

    The mother DOES NOT HAVE TO RAISE THE CHILD. There are more than enough parents waiting to adopt. If more teenagers didn't abort, many families that CAN'T have children would give waiting parents a better chance to get a child. No more genocide, and no more haters. WIN/WIN! Why argue when we have the answer to a problem with the ability to meet a huge need at the same time. It kills mothers that they can't have children and so many children are being killed out of convenience. I may have written in the YES column, but I hope someone sees this and is swayed to think twice and give someone the chance to experience motherhood. And I think they'll love YOU for that chance. God bless on whatever decision YOU make. :))

  • TEENAGERS should have the access to abortion.

    I have seen in this debate that many people have said 'promiscuity should be punished'
    I feel like a child should not be seen as a punishment for a mother. This could lead to the mother not really caring for the child or properly spending time with the child in the all-important first few years. Also we do not know the situation the mother's was in as she could've been raped or maybe even just pressured into it by her partner. I think that people make mistakes (even teenagers) and shouldn't be treated like an adult if they're not, when it comes to being 'punished' for early actions. Do you really think its okay for a child to be forced into being a mother. I DON'T.

  • No, the suffering of the mother does not justify the death of a foetus

    From a utilitarian perspective, the two options are:

    1. Have an abortion, and the mother gains 9 months worth of happiness

    2. Don't have an abortion, and the foetus gains ~85 years of happiness

    So, according to utilitarianism, the mother shouldn't have an abortion.

    Except if the mother is in serious physical peril, and so she is risking a whole lot more than 9 months worth of happiness.

  • Mother's chose, of course

    Of course the mother can make a chose. And she did, she choose to 'make' the baby (unless raped). If you don't want a kid then don't did it (again unless raped). The baby has potential to be a child that is playful, incident, and full of life. What if your mom decided to have an abortion when she was pregnant with you? You wouldn't be here then. Think about it

  • Abortion is not necessary

    Not when we have such a great adoption system set up. If you make the mistake of getting pregnant premature to your high school graduation or even later in life, you've made that decision and there is nothing you can do about it. You have a choice, pay for an abortion, or give birth and send the child to foster care or adoption. You can kill the fetus you've started to give life to, or you can give it it's chance at life. With an abortion you deny any possibility of life, and that is not ok. We all have a right to life, who are you to take it away from an unborn baby?

  • Unless it's rape or life-threatening, no.

    Promiscuity should be punished. If you make the extremely irresponsible decision to have sex - and a fortiori unprotected sex- before marriage, you are responsible for it. To abort the baby is to free yourself from punishment, which harms not only the foetus but also contributes to degeneracy, as girls can free themselves from the responsibility. I'm not saying we should be unfair to girls - boys should do time for having sex with an underaged girl anyway - but it's a matter of responsibility.

  • That baby deserves a chance

    At life. Denying him that because you want to party and he drunk is selfish and cruel. If you choose to have un protected sex and get pregnant it's your fault and not the babies fault. People need to take responsibly for their actions and not blame innocent children and make them suffer for it.

  • NOOOO! THey shouldnt!

    No they shouldnt because by the time they know they are pregnant there babys have a heartbeat! They are living!!! U r just killing a innocent baby. PLus its your fault u r pregnant u should have kept ur legs closed!!!!!!!! Your Fault! YOUR FAULT!!! Its not like the baby said HEy imma get this girl pregnant!

  • I don't think so

    The teen shouldn't be forced to get an abortion, but her mother shouldn't have to raise the kid because they decided to be irresponsible. If you want to act grown, move out and get a job. Be responsible and don't make your own parents have to suffer for not using your brain!!

  • A baby is not a punishment, but a joy

    The teenagers were of course extremely irresponsible in this case unless they were raped. They should have the baby and give it up for adoption. I've never believed that killing your child is the way out of things. It is totally against our constitution. All men and women are created equal. Babies are created at conception. They should be treated equal to any other American.

  • Its not right

    Even if the fetus is barely developed, that is still killing an innocent baby. You may say ¨Oh it wont matter because the child isnt even developed yet." but still give the child a chance at life. It was your fault for getting pregnant (unless you were raped), so you must deal with the child you created. The father will pay child support for getting you pregnant.

  • Its still wrong

    The baby is a life no matter what its still important to the world. Give the baby up for adoption for other women who can't have a baby. This will make the mother carrying the baby feel not guilty and lets the baby live on in this world. So no

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Stefy says2015-05-08T10:37:19.207
Its not up to any other person what any woman or girl decides about her pregnancy in terms of getting an abortion
ConceptEagle says2015-05-08T12:18:07.983
That picture is extremely biased and inaccurate; that is not a fetus nor a baby just born.
uglie-boy says2015-05-08T13:12:02.577
Promiscuity should be punished? What the hell
uglie-boy says2015-05-08T13:13:03.060
The mother should be able to do whatever the hell she thinks is best