• There are only two things I like in the world, And one of them is eating

    I like turtles and turtles and teenagers both start with the letter T. The letter T is the first letter in the word three. The Illuminati has three sides. But wait there's more. Turtles have eyes. Teenagers have eyes. The Illuminati has an eye. Two + two + one is five. Five is an odd number. One is an odd number. The Illuminati has one eye. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!

  • YES! They should have a bedtime.

    Yes, Teens should have bedtimes. I believe that 8-10 hours of sleep is needed. It is needed because if they don't get enough sleep, It can lead to depression, Bad grades, Overeating, Etc. If they have a bedtime, They can wake up in the morning and be on time for school.

  • Pranto Datta #10

    Yes, Because they have to to sleep for 19-100 hours each day so they can play outside. That is because its boring for some student to not go outside and play with their friends. Its not fair for the people who can go and play outside. I love playing outside

  • No they sould have a bed time

    The reason they sould not have a bed time is because they have grown up and now when their bodys are tierd and when to go to bed if their bodys are. Another reason is because the might have a reason to stay up they might be doing homework if its due tomorrow or their friends get to stay up longer

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  • They need it

    Teenagers need the rest. They go to school right? Their brains need time to organize and remember things. I myself was debating and the resolution was bedtimes are benifical. God made us to praise him and we might need energy to do that. To get that energy we sleep and eat.

  • I myself AM a teen, and I think a bedtime is a rule that we must follow.

    Although some kids are VERy stubborn, they should follow the rules of the person who is keeping a roof over their heads. I always make sure I have all my homework done before 8pm because I know that if I go past that I'll be up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past 10pm, and yeah... Teens should have bedtimes because they should respect their elders and the need the sleep.

  • They need sleep.

    Even if they don't have something to do the next morning, kids need to have some form of bedtime. Odds are, even if the kids don't have places to be the following morning, their parents or other siblings need their rest and having teens making noise or being out would prevent that. See, if their kids are not safe at home or some place the parents know is safe, parents tend to stay up and worry. Once they are home and asleep, the parents and the rest of the home can sleep more soundly. It is also important to keep sleep times regular as staying up late one night may make it hard to fall asleep the next night when they need to.
    Tho a parent might give the teen some say as to when bedtime is, it is clear that some form of sleep regiment is necessary.

    I have heard teens whine about having to start school so early on other sections of this site. Guess what, if you go to bed at a reasonable time every night, you wouldn't have an issue in the morning.

    As adult, we too have bedtimes as we know we have things to do the following day so set our bedtime accordingly. Teens don't tend to be as responsible so need to have those bedtimes set with or without their input.

  • They will not go to sleep

    "First, children who have a regular early bedtime are more likely to get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep can result in changes in the hormones controlling appetite and metabolism," Anderson said.
    "Also, staying up later in the evening provides more opportunity for snacking and viewing television commercials that promote snacking," she added. "Recommending that preschool-aged children are in bed by 8 p.M. Is a potentially modifiable household routine that may help to prevent obesity."

  • I think teens should have a bedtime

    Teens need bedtimes so they will not be tired and cranky . Studies show that teens will be less likely to suffer from depression. They will be smarter and do better in their classes , on exams ,projects, homework,and even school work. They will even have better attitudes and be motivated and feel better to

  • Teens can get enough sleep without bedtimes

    Teens are old enough to know when they need to sleep and know when they feel the need to sleep. Parents shouldn't force bedtimes over their teen children over other things in life. There is more homework as teens get in higher grades which will take longer to finish. No one likes it when parents blame their teenagers for "being lazy" even though they have been working as hard as they can on difficult homework assignments. If teens need to stay up later to work on homework them let them. Give them about another hour or two and even help them if they are having trouble. Then times when school is cancelled or its the weekend let them stay up late. They don't need to get up early for any particular reason and they can take time out of the day after to get the sleep they need. The only reason they would need a bedtime is when there is something scheduled at an early time.

  • Not tired, not going to sleep

    If kids aren't tired then they won't go to bed anyways if they have a bed time. They would probably get on their phones and check social media. If teens don't learn how to make time management now, then they won't know how to in the future when they are off on their own. They will have to be responsible for being able to get where they need to be in the morning.

  • No bedtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None!

    We should be able to chose our own bedtime! Okokokok k ok ok ok o k ok ok o k ok ok o k ok o ko k ok o ko k ok o ko k ok o o k ok o o k ok o k ok o ko k o

  • We are kids we have lots of energy to bun off so when we get tired we should go to bed then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no non onono o no no no no n o no n o no n no n on o o no no n n o nnononnonono nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooo NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO

  • No bedtime needed

    There is no reason for middle school students to have a bedtime they should be able to control when to go to sleep and they are responsible for getting up in the morning so i do not think that middle school student should have to go to bed at a certain time

  • No more bedtime

    Middle school students should go to bed when they get tired j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j

  • Come on now

    Teens are old enough to know when they need to be in bed and know that they are supposed to go to school or some ware to go in the morning. They need to know that they can be independent. I get it if your child is not going to bed and make bad grades then you can take it away from them. If that teen is always being told what to do like they are 5 forever then they'll stay 5 forever

  • We dont need a bed time were in those years were we can decide to grow up

    No body makes us do any thing we chose to do those things my opinion is we can make are own decisions who else agrees with me like really we can do what we want all honestly im sure the grown ups did it so why cant we am i right?

  • I'm perfectly fine and I stay up late

    First off, "late" is different for everyone, For me late is 11:30, but to someone else late could be 10:00. I stay up "late" all the time and I still get straight A's in school and have only ever gotten 3 B's on my report card in my whole life and I'm in 7th grade know. I get high honors almost every semester and I stay up past my bedtime all the time. Also, something a lot of people have been saying, you should be able to make your own decisions. It's part of growing up!

  • What is the point of having a bedtime

    I dont have a bedtime because im never sleepy and i always wake up early and nerver sleepy. I say up on my phone or watching tv. Even i check social Media ever once in awhile and sometimes i do have alot of homework as a Middle school eight grader. A designated bedtime is for children not teenagers. Teenagers need to have a ressponiblites and going to bed at the correct time is one of them because if we dont learn how to have time management now what will we do when we get older!!

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