Should teenagers have an input into the decisions made by parliament?

Asked by: Raven_10sg
  • Yes they should.

    Teens have the right to be heard. To say otherwise is slavery. One kitten, two kittens. I am so tired of authority in general. I love puppies. Everyone deserves a vote if they can pass a competency test. Ability, not age, should be the main factor of who can vote.

  • Teens are young adults

    Teenagers are simply young adults and their opinion could show a more modern spin on a problem, after all most decisions are taken by old men who don't even know how to use a computer, fear the new and any change because it reminds them of their imminent demise teenagers should be allowed to influence matters that relate to either teenagers or everybody, teenagers also start to develop complex ideals, even political ones

  • Yes we should!

    Teenagers should have input into all decisions that directly affect them, or will affect them in the future. The laws made might be understood better if we were involved in the process. The consequences would also be out there too. Teenagers might be more prepared and understand why you need to vote when they turn vote

  • Smaller Majority Vote

    I do think that teenagers, but only those which is appropriate for teenagers, or have to do with teenagers. Because, myself. I really want to have a say in my country, Australia. You know, gay rights as such. I feel that I might miss out on some matter because you can't always convince your parents. And of course I know that there are a lot of teenagers that are immature and don't have the knowledge to, but maybe if teenagers votes counted for a smaller majority of adults vote. I think that would be fair.

  • If they concern them.

    Teenagers should most definitely have the ability to vote on laws affecting teenagers and young people. They should also be able to vote on laws affecting most adults, as they will be adults themselves in under 5 years. However they don't really need to vote on laws and pensions, elderly folk etc. because the law will likely have changed again by the time they need to use it.

  • Like that the image is NZ. I guess it depends what sort of input you mean.

    I think to some degree teenagers need to matter to the government. But if the politicians think that teenagers are going to be a serious influence, particularly if it's in voting, then the government is going to follow the lines of making life better for the stereotypical teenager, not the ones that actually exist. So not a substantial input.

  • Teenagers are not mature enough

    When I was a teenager I was very opinionated and looking back I have done an almost 180 since I was 17. Nothing has changed other than I have learned a lot more. Teenagers don't have fully developed brains (which is why they typically make so many stupid decisions) which limits their ability to really think Long-term. This is a problem because so many laws have long term effects.

    Now in my opinion in a perfect world people wouldn't be allowed to vote until their knowledge is at a high enough level to do so. We already have so many ill informed voting adults it would be annoying to add a whole other group like that.

    Few teenagers have the knowledge sufficient to vote and again in a perfect world age wouldn't be the factor but knowledge level but in this case it honestly makes sense to not allow people to vote until they are 21 to 25 somewhere in there.

    Just my opinion.

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