• Teenage curfews should be enforced

    I believe that when you see teenagers out late at night they are most likely doing something under the influence. Also it is very dangerous for kids to be out late at night, easily somebody could kidnap them and thats is most likely the end... Teenage curfew laws should be a law.

  • Teenagers Need Curfews

    Without a doubt, teenagers should have curfews levied against them whether by law or their parents. These curfews are designed to keep teens in the house during the late night and early morning. Most teens don't have a reason for being out so late after all. Therefore, they shouldn't be allowed out that late.

  • Teenagers should have curfews.

    Curfews are a good idea for teenagers, especially in big cities. If teenagers are allowed to roam the streets at night they might get in trouble. Teens should be at home doing their homework or spending time with their families. The streets can be dangerous and teenagers should not be left alone there.

  • It Will Help with Gang Relationships

    Gangs are most likely to go out at night but gangs still know cops are out but that doesn't bother them. Almost 45% of people in big cities are in gangs and most likely will be out at night when cops least expect them, well most of them. That is my opinion.

  • Keeps kids safe

    Without a curfew, kids would be getting into trouble, braking laws , and becoming parents at an early age. There is nothing good going on after midnight. What reasonable parent would allow his child to be out and roaming the streets at all hours of the night? This only allows the kid to get into all kinds of trouble.

  • I do think teenagers should have curfews.

    I do think teenagers should have curfews. It helps to teach them responsibility, and keeps them from being out all night getting into trouble. I think the saying "nothing good happens after midnight" is a true saying. There is nothing for a teenager to do after midnight besides get themselves into trouble.

  • Yes they should.

    Teenagers, up to a certain point, should absolutely have curfews. There is no reason there is a 13 year old hanging out at 11:00pm with no parental supervision. There needs to be a set time that police can enforce. However, if you're 17 or older, it should definitely not be there.

  • Teenagers should have curfews.

    Teenagers should have curfews. They should have curfews and they should not be allowed to be gone all night especially when school is still going on. There is too much for a parent to worry about when a child does not come home at night. I think it is up to the parents to decide if they want to give their child a curfew.

  • Teenagers need curfews to be responsible.

    People have their entire lives to stay out late and to do whatever they want. They should use their teenage years in order to gain a sense of responsibility and to respect their parents wishes. By making sure they have a curfew they will teach teenagers to be responsible and mature.

  • Teenagers Should Have Curfews

    Yes, teenagers should have curfews. Teenagers generally have to attend school five days a week, and teenagers need 8-9 hours of sleep per night, so it stands to reason that they should have to be back indoors within an amount of time that would allow for the amount of sleep they need.

  • Yes we should!

    Yes we should because what if someone comes to kid nap them? What will the parents do then. Because they let their children go out with out a curfew, they have a chance of their children dying. Which is sad because no parent should go through all of that pain.

  • No teens should not have curfew

    People say teens are up to no good at night, but if this is true how come adults are so much better? They arent. If you trust your teenager then you should trust them to be smart and not do anything illegal, and be smart about their decisions. I don't think teenagers should have a curfew because parents of said teen should have raised there teen well enough to trust and prepare them for "peer pressure" and how to say no. It all boils done to trust. Which if you have then not having a curfew shouldn't be a problem.

  • I wouldn't want a curfew.

    Teens have more than enough ways to get in trouble. Why should they have another way? Also they are less likely to have an accident when they aren't rushing. Plus having a curfew makes them just want to stay out later. They should have the chance to be responsible and have freedom so when they enter the real world they know how to act.

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  • Teens need a curfew to be safe.

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  • I don't agree

    Because they are going towards being an adult. Their going to be going out of the house anyways. I hope u have learnt from this statement that we have educated to you today. Please do not give any of your teenagers curfews and please enjoy your day and thank u

  • Teens should not have curfews.

    I think teens shouldn't have curfews because it wont necessarily keep them out of any type of trouble. Yes, I understand that there are some dangerous of not having curfew. But thats not going to keep any teen from coming home at a certain time. The only time I think teens should have a curfew is on school nights.

  • Crfew should be a thing but not so early

    I dont think they should have such an early curfew because we as teenaagers would like to experience with our childhood, i understand that their are dangers of being a kid roaming in the streets, but thats hy we are making technology to improve our saftey. LZike phones for example phones are a great way to contact the police mom dad or any other important person to your life incase you are in trouble.

  • M e h...

    Really, I'm not TOTALLY against curfews for teens, but for one thing, it needs to be up to parents, not anyone else, two, teens are usually quite capable of taking care of themselves, and in the stage they're in, it's good for them to have some time to be on their own or with friends without constant parental supervision, and three, teens are totally able to sneak out anyway... I did every once in a while. I didn't get into any trouble or anything, but there's just no way to enforce the curfew without checking every twenty minutes of the night, which, as stated before is not a healthy environment for a teen.

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dgibson97 says2014-02-06T05:10:21.703
dgibson97 says2014-02-06T05:22:58.320
Yes, I think curfews keep teens out of trouble. My reasons for thinking such are, teens will not be able to engage in late night activities which will most likely result in some type of trouble. I had a friend that avoided her curfew and lied to her parents and later on ended up drunk driving and got into a car accident and killed someone else. If she had listened to her parents and came home at the time her curfew was, she wouldn't have ended up drunk driving and causing someone to lose their life. If teens had curfews, there wouldn't be so many teenage crimes. I had another friend who just recently went to jail because he didn't have a curfew and it was late at night and this girl wanted him and his two friends to come over and have sex with her. Being teens that could do whatever they wanted, went over there. The three boys had sex with the girl and one of them recorded them having sex. One of the boys went back to school and started showing other students. The girl became embarrassed and the school bored found out. If he had had a curfew, maybe he could've avoided the situation. In conclusion, I think curfews are helpful because it just helps you avoid bad situations.