Should teenagers have more freedom on where to go?

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  • Teens Can Think for Themselves

    Adolescence is merely a social construct. Teenagers have a mind of their own and should be able to behave how they please. If they are not allowed to do the things they wish, then they don't get to fully discover themselves or properly develop their personalities or mind. Parents, towards their own teens, seem act like control freaks and don't allow for their teens to properly state their own opinions, thoughts and beliefs or act in the way they like to.

  • Capable on their own

    In fact teenagers have reached the age of reason and should not need parenting at all. Parents just fight with them because it becomes a contest of wills between adults. Teenagers are not children but in our twisted society they are treated that way. Teenagers can work, study, and make their own choices just as those older do, as if reaching 18 means some magical transformation happens. Nothing of the kind happens. My mother left home at 14 and she did well in life. By the time you reach your teenage years, the parenting is done, and if they messed you up they cannot fix it, and if they raised you right, you're ready for life.

  • We are kept in the house to much

    As a teenager i have a lot of emotions and keeping us in a house is the worst thing possible to do, because when parents do that they are damaging us and them because we try to keep our emotions locked up inside of us but when we let them out we can damage the people we love by saying horrible things and if we go out with our friends more it allows us to let out our emotions without hurting anyone.

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