Should teenagers in high school who are raped have access to abortion?

Asked by: moyalo
  • Absolutely- no question.

    To basically force a teenager who has been raped to serve as an incubator for her attacker's seed is to rape her all over again. This girl is already traumatized, and certainly not ready to go through the already trying burden of pregnancy and particularly birth- to do this to her for something that is no fault of her own for the sake of the embryo of a violent criminal is disgusting.

  • Rape is a crime and the victim should have the right to abort.

    I can't believe the views of iUnderdog and Tea Party Atheist! If the teenager is genuinely raped, she should have every right to terminate the pregnancy. Would you want to give birth and bring up a child, you have not consented to conceive to naturally? Of course not! As long as the rape is genuine and non consensual, any woman should have the right to abort the fetus. If the victims of rape, were not allowed to abort, they would only resent the child, as it would be an everyday reminder of the violation and who knows infanticide could result? Which is a whole lot worse than abortion.

  • Grow a pair you Repukelicans

    We live in a dog eat dog world. People get killed all the time, adult, fully developed people who had lives and responsibilities till some drunk driver hits them (just as one example). The world is full of evil scum, scum that will try to pass along their genes via rape and destroy a young womans life and dignity in the process and not even care. Get over yourselves with this pro-life BS. Everything changes once it becomes personal. If your daughter were raped you wouldn't want her to have to commit to an unwanted child. There are millions of could be life situations where all sorts of people are having irresponsible sex and I'd say them not getting pregnant is a GOOD thing. Just because sex happens doesn't mean a child should come of it. STOP taking away our freedom. All this talk , Pro Life! Pro Life! Yet, also being Pro-War! Pro-War! And eat all the animals you want and destroy God's Earth all you want cause that stuff ain't life. Foreign people don't count, launch the missiles. Treat others as you would like to be treated, Love thy enemy, etc etc, just only if they are white, love guns, wave a confederate flag at a country music concert, and drive a truck.

  • Well, let's take a look at what she would go through

    Frist, they would have to go through the extremely tramitizing process of rape, then be forced to carry a parasite(say what you will, this is what a fetus is, a parasite.) then she will be forced to care for the child for up to 18 years. Nuff' said pro choice fanatics.

  • I'm pro life but...

    If you want to party and don't want a kid or your to selfish to have one Than abortion should not be an option. If your life is at risk if you carry the baby to term than abortion should be an option. If you are too poor to have a child than abortion should be an option. If your physical or mental health is at risk if you carry the baby to term an it should be an option. If a high school girl is raped then being forced to carry the baby full term is a threat to her physical health since she is too young to handle pregnancy and it is a hot her mental health since carrying the baby would be traumatic and possibly embarrassing . It's still a terrible thing.

  • I don't see why not.

    If i were a girl, i certainly wouldn't be able to look at the child put in me by someone else as my own. I don't support abortion when the two people are dating/married, then kill the baby because they aren't ready, but i do think young high school girls should be incubators for the babies of a filthy, disgusting rapist.

  • No woman- no matter the age- should be forced to give birth to her rapists child.

    No person on this earth should have the right to force a woman to give birth to her rapists child. Not even her parents. She should have more of a say in the matter than anyone else. Yes, adoption is another option but its also extremely traumatizing. Imagine being a teenage girl, getting raped, being forced to carry the monsters child for 9 months, getting dirty looks from people who don't understand your situation and having your life,schooling and education be seriously affected. And for what? Just to hand the child over to strangers. That, in my opinion, is extremely unfair. Why should a woman's life be continually turned upside down from an unwanted pregnancy that wasn't her fault at all?

  • There is no question about it, yes.

    Anyone who is raped should have access to abortion. Even if you are not raped you should have access to abortion. You know I find it hilarious how our heavily male dominated governments and rule-makers are deciding what women should or should not do with their bodies.

    Being raped and getting pregnant because of it, isn't something that women, especially young women, should have to deal with. Being in high school means great opportunities and full time education and a bright future. But being raped and being forced to carry that child to full term and quite possibly care for it for the next 18 years, means that many of these opportunities are taken away or limited severely. Yes, many teen mothers have become very successful as adults. But add the fact at how hard it is to raise a child anyway, I'm pretty sure that the rapist isn't going to be paying child benefits. So there's always that with the added psychological and emotional consequences of being raped to consider.

  • From a Cost-Benefit Analysis, Yes

    1. How does killing a fetus effect me? It doesn't.
    2. How does allowing the teenager to abort effect me?
    Regardless of whether it was from rape if the teenager isn't ready to have a baby and the teenager doesn't get an abortion or put the baby up for adoption(which some people will refuse to do once they have the baby) then that teenager could wind up a poor parent and bring up a criminal, not saying this is always what happens their kid could turn out fine. But then the teenager is also at less of a chance of getting through college, their chances of advancing in what ever it is they might advance in are decreased. This means maybe they would've become a scientist who would've invented warp drive or cured AIDS but they don't because you forced them to have a baby.

    Spare me all this crying over fetuses. A fetus is not a part of anyone's life except for the woman who has it in her womb. Why should we care about the fetus? Being pro-life doesn't mean you have to be religious but it does mean you must be an idealist.

  • Yes; basic human rights dictate they should.

    First of all, I agree that abortion should be allowed in pretty much all circumstances. That said, I simply cannot see any rational argument for deliberately not allowing any individual that has been raped and impregnated against her will access to abortion. A human fetus simply is not a 'person' at all until it's higher brain develops and begins functioning at the 26 week mark; as there is no 'person' to 'kill' before this point, calling abortion 'murder' is simply incorrect.

    Secondly, rape is already traumatizing enough on it's own; why should the *victim* then be forced to carry and give birth to her rapist's child against her will? This is a further violation of her rights and autonomy, and is absolutely sick. In principle, it's technically the same thing as institutionalizing rape, in my opinion. Forcing a women to carry and give birth against her will is simply wrong, and a flat-out violation of her basic human rights. The fetus simply does not have those rights, dependent upon person-hood as they are, until at least the 26 week mark.

  • The Baby is Still A Human

    First of all, I should say that rape is a terrible thing, and I sympathize with people who had to go through it. However, the terrible thing done by rape does not justify another (even worse) atrocity, namely, killing a human being. Does a girl who got raped suddenly have the right to go kill an innocent bystander? NO! Then, why should she be able to kill one.

    Maybe, there could be a way to make the man contribute financially to raising the baby (I am normally in disagreement with child support laws), but there is no reason to kill the baby.

  • Mother's Rights should not be Greater than Child's rights.

    THe mother should not put her own rights infront of the child. THe child is being born so we you can atleast put it up for adoption. Just because you do not want to raise the does not give you the right to murder. You should give the baby up for adoption and not kill it.

  • Abortion isn't the answer!

    I think that regardless of the fact that you were raped or sexually battered and peradventure a child comes out of that attack, Abortion is wrong on its own and should never be commited. I'm a Christian and snort ion is out of my beliefs as one. I know it's traumatic and no one will forget the incident because of the child but killing it isn't the answer. You could just give it up for abortion
    That's what I feel.

  • It takes great courage

    I feel that out of a terrible event, God created something good out of it. People have to think about that. I personally feel that the girl has the right to an abortion, but the right thing morally is to keep the baby. I feel it is a weird topic, and it's a very sticky situation. Killing the baby is heartbreaking, but we can't have the teenager commit to this baby, and potential distort her life. Any ways, in all other cases other than the specific case of a TEENAGE girl getting pregnant against her will, abortion should not be open. I believe that killing an innocent baby is wrong all the time, but in this circumstance the option should be kept open.

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