Should teenagers obey their parents all the time?

Asked by: DavidN
  • What they do is for our own future !!!!!!

    They may be some reason why ur patents are strict with you. They don't want you to face the same situation which they faced as teens and they want you to be in a grater position in which they currently are. Everything they do is for our own future. Even if they disagree with your opinion try to face the situation it may anything and don't run away from it. It doesn't mean we should always listen to them sometimes they may be wrong you do which makes you feel happy !!!!! Till then go with the flow

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  • Fuck that shit

    Kids should experience their own lives no matter how many mistakes they make, it is unfair to tell them, you can't do that cause I made that mistake once and I regret it. It's like saying, hey listen I got into a car accident and I regret driving to begin with, so you can't drive. It's ridiculous.

  • No, parents can ruin their children dreams.

    There are some parents who want their children to achieve that things which they haven't achieved ourselves when they were younger. So they can force their child to study things he doesn't want, will control his every step, with who he hangs out and goes to dates. And child will be unhappy all his life because he won't achieve what he wanted himself.

  • Sometimes parents are wrong

    Teenagers unquestioningly following their parents' every command stifles their critical thinking ability, teaches them to not question authority and teaches them to be passive individuals. This is not healthy for anyone's personal and moral development. It could also be harmful if the teenager has abusive parents that might tell the teen to do something that could hurt them or others.

  • The reality is that they don't and there is a good reason for this

    Many parents think that children should just accept authority and submit to rules, but that is not how we work. We resist being controlled. We want to feel that our feelings and opinions matter, and when we don't feel heard, we fight back, or we suffer emotionally / developmentally. The truth is, parents need to give in and let their children be heard. That is all they want. To feel valued.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Not just following your parents orders helps you gain independence and initiative. Additionally, despite the fact they are older than their children, parents do not know everything and are not always right.Thirdly there are scenarios when a child shouldn't obey their parents, for example if they told the child not to disclose information about their illicit activities (e.G. Drug dealing or child abuse, if a child obeyed their parents when they told him/her not to contact the police it could endanger people's lives).

  • Drug Cartels could be parents!

    Why should kids listen to their parents all the time? Parents are not always right. Once my mom thought that the ice cream at Jason's Deli costs money. Plus, the parents could be serial killers, serial rapists, serial jaywalkers, cereal killers, serial litterers, serial forgers, serial presidents, members of evil cults (such as Mormonism) or fans of Justin Beiber. So yeah, kids shouldn't listen to their parents all the time. But sometimes they might be right. Use your own discretion.

  • No they shouldn't

    Sometimes I think its ok if teens just do what they want. Like what if their mom or dad says something but the teens knows its wrong. O if they do something the teen doesn't like. But there is a fine line between obeying and doing what you think is right.

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