• Yes, They are not too old for it!

    Teenagers are not little children, But they are not adults also. Some teenagers are pretty mature and don't need strict discipline, But most of them occasionally act unreasonably or try testing their limits. For teenagers at the age of 13-17 years is spanking an adequate tool to set limits and keep them in line. It is done fast, But way more impressional than other punishments like grounding. The most effective way to discipline a rebellious teenager is an oldfashioned spanking with a belt on his bare bottom!

  • I had one ear pull

    I would get my ear pulled and I would get shamed by my mom. Just the threat of getting my mom mad was enough. My mom was a laid back person and let my have fun but she would not tolerate bad behavior.
    And if I even did bad her eyes were enough to shut us done.

    You do not have to bruise your child but you cannot be weak. You have to show them that you are serious and that you have zero tolerance. No counting just swift action and shame.

  • Physical punishment is the best way to teach anyone a lesson.

    Most kids learn their lessons the hard way, That means getting spanked. When kids grow up, They rarely receive the same treatment they experienced when still young. Hence, They stop learning and some of them fail miserably in life, Some even do drugs.

    I do not suggest that all teenagers should get spanked. Only those who deserved to get spanked. I acknowledge that there are many teenagers who are successful in life without getting spanked as a teenager. The reason for this is that they have learned their lesson when they were kids, Hence, No need for spanking for these people.

    Do you think that teenagers would rebel to their parents if they (teens) get spanked? Probably. But remember, The spanking isn't the main cause of that rebellious attitude because the teenager who gets spank shows already that bad attitude which needs to be corrected by spanking.

  • No. Stupid man.

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