Should teenagers that get pregnant keep their children?

  • If they are capable

    Many teenage mothers get over the shock of finding themselves pregnant and go on to bring up their child well in an environment of love and care. It's a fallacy to assume that all teenage pregnancies lead to unwanted and uncared for babies, and to decide that because the baby was an accident it shouldn't be born into a loving family is just incredibly sad. It is getting easier for single young mothers to bring up babies wonderfully and then go back into education or work - a mistake doesn't have to ruin lives.

  • Yes of course

    I mean, you chose to have underage sex, you should have to keep your child. You made it, you keep it. I mean, I get the pleasure and stuff like that, but did you look ahead? You didn't expect to have sex and have a child and not keep it, did you? You have to keep your child.

  • She wanted to be foolish enough to do it

    Let her pay the consequences. I'm sorry I have to be so rough and blunt, but sometimes a girl has to learn -- you don't want this responsibility, don't engage in sex. Period. Wait. That's the problem with kids today. There is no patience. Just straight sex and screwing. No sense of responsibility.

  • It's not the child's fault.

    If a teenager is stupid enough to get pregnant, that has no tie to the child. That kid is alive and should not be blamed or punished for their mother getting pregnant young. If the mom gets pregnant, keep the child and love it as much as you possibly can.

  • Be Responsible in what you do.

    - Be aware of your actions and consequences. Sex can lead to many things including pregnancy. If you have sex you automatically put your self at risk. Obviously an option that works 100% of the time is abstinence however, in this day and age it is very rare to use this method. Stay Protected or Face the consequences that may come your way.

  • Yes and No

    Back when we were nomads the best time (depending on the society) would be to 16-21 for women who are extremely well developed. (Sometimes 14 and 15) The fertility rates in teenagers are higher because that is how evoultion or adaptaition as I ike to say is how it set us up. Once a girl is 14 she is a youg woman, An adult. Biologically. Some 14's should not get pregnant biologically speaking. It would kill them. Especially now a days that women are physically mature enough to do so but not mentally in most cases. A young teenager is actually a more caring mother than someone to far into their twenities because once you eneter the twenities you are slowing down. Your emotions are more "stable" because you aren't being drove nuts by a body driving you to reproduce as you were as a teen. Don't you feel that your drive is different as you enter twenty? Men and women? Because you/we aren't suppose to be actually having kids, We are suppose to be raising them. We aren't suppose to live until 35 or longer if you're lucky. Which is why in the 40's or past 35 the child is more likley to suffer from birth defects. I'd believe that once teens had childern they'd settle down more and mature more cause they are parents. There biological mind knows to care for the baby. (Hopefully) In this day and society they really can't without risk of poverty from what is said. Though I find a lot of parents giving birth to etremely healthy kids, Like a story of a girl who was 15 gave birth lived and raised a young girl who is now majoring in engineering.

    My theory is the younger you are the healthier the baby will be or at least smarter. Our autisitic birthrates are going up because people are not having kids even at 21 anymore commonly. People in their twenites act like teens, Teens act like kids, Kids act like babies. We are messing with the biological order and if we don't balance society and nature out we can see a hell of more shit inour near future.

    If you are 21-23 try to have your kids if you are ready! Do it. Healthy offspring is what we need, Not more idiots like my own mother who is 44. She is mentally a child and cannot raise kids. Teens are suffering from more suicide rates then ever and pyschological problems because the elder adults are not capable of raising or giving birth to healthy offspring.

    What docots like to call premature babies from teens are only a few pounds lighter depending on how old you are and weight as a young biological adult. That really shouldn't hurt the child that much. The child should be fine. Teenage boys have higher sperm counts compared to men 21 or above. 17-20 is when sperm cells mature.

  • It Truly Depends

    If a teen chooses to have sex, they must think about the proper precautions. Like birth control, condoms, etc. But these do not always work and sometimes faulty precautions can result in teen pregnancies. Thinking of what could happen would be a good thing but sometimes its in the heat of the moment where your mind is racing and you just aren't thinking.
    Women are born with the ability to take care of a child. We provide the food, love and care needed. Most times it just comes natural. Other times mothers dont have the necessary tools at hand to take care of a child and it is in the childs best intrest to be put up for adoption.
    Normally teens don't plan to get pregnant and just as the parents of the teen should love and support their daughter in this time of confusion. And I wont even go into abortion because I belive that it is wrong. Overall while teens are young and aren't always the best at decision making. They did make a stupid decision that they should own up to.

  • Its their choice

    Since its their life, they decide what to do with it. Unless they are involved with something illegal, they have the right to have their child with them. If they are capable of maintaining a kid I say good luck to them. Hopefully next time they'll think about using a condom.

  • It is their kid

    Because they had the kid, it should be their choice as to whether they should keep the kid or not. I think that most of them would choose to keep the kid, as they had just had it. Also, they would be much better at taking care of their own kid than someone else, because it is theirs and they would not belong to the other person taking care of the kid.

  • It is their choice

    If teens decide that they want to have a child, they should be able to keep the kid because it is theirs. If they wanted to have a kid, they must be able to keep the kid that they wanted instead of being forced to give it up to the government or anyone else.

  • Most teenagers are not ready to become parents

    Firstly, people rarely have sex in order to have children. Secondly, most teenagers don't have the emotional maturity/ability to take proper care of children. Thirdly, it is such a financial burden on not only the parents, but the government too if the father leaves, or the mother is a shoddy parent etc.

    If a certain person continues to be irresponsible, then sure, I could hear an argument that would prevent him/her from abortion tools. But bringing children into the world when neither/ only one of the parents wants the child is NOT fair on the child and/or the parent that doesn't want the child. Have an abortion within the first term and the fetus won't suffer.

  • Not at all

    There are two reasons any teenager would choose to have a child-
    1. They are stupid
    2. The child is a mistake
    In either case the person should be made to either abort or give the child away, as the child will either grow up with a stupid or uncaring mother.

  • That ruins a kids life

    You shouldn't force a teenager to give birth and put physical strain on herself because of it, and also never care for the child. If a teenager gets pregnant, why would you force them to not be able to live life to the fullest until they are ready later in life to support a child? Kids (teenagers my age) are in no way shape or form ready to raise a kid. The mom, dad, grandparents, and other family members would have to pitch in to support one child, and some teenagers don't have that kind of support, using the child as a "lesson learning" item rather than a baby.There's simply no reason to force someone to have kids, no matter what the age.

  • Teenager should have informed choice, not just keep the child

    You keep the child, you burden your parents with raising it cz you are a teenager and can't give the child a proper upbringing, and don't have the money to provide him/her with basic necessities, so basically the child burdens the society and his grandparents. A child should not be seen as a kind of punishment for sex - cz how will the teenage parents treat such child? Not well - and that will result in an unhappy life for the child and the parents. Furthermore, it ruins the life of the teenager cz she won't be able to succeed in life and finish her education now that she has such a burden.

  • Why not ?

    Teenagers aren’t the only ones who are unfit. Adults are just as bad as us look at society today women mistreating their children. Doesn’t matter what age you have a kid at, it all depends on how you choose to handle it.

    My Mother had me when she was in high school and here I am today 16 getting ready to graduate from high school.

    She went on and had 4 other children she’s a teacher and turned 30 last year.

  • Adoption is the option

    Teenagers are not mature enough to keep a child of their own. Abortions should be illegal. This is life that we are talking about. The baby has a beating heart and has a purpose. The baby should not have to die for the parents' mistake. Adoption really is the option. So many people want to adopt and if you make the mistake of getting pregnant, you are going to live with that. It is really hard, but you have to give up your baby to a more prepared couple. Let's choose life.

  • They are too young

    Teenagers should not be taking care of a child at this age, they should be in school learning something new instead of banging in their parents. They are way to young and don't have the time to take care of a child. It costs money and time! I think the government should take their child until they are at an appropriate age to take care of the infant.

  • Not old Enough

    They are too young to have a child at this age, the government should take their child away from them until they're at the appropriate age to take care of the child.M They need money, food, a house and everything else to take care of a child. It would be extremely difficult for a teenager t take care of a child at that age.

  • Need to focus on school

    Teens don't need to be at home wasting their time on a kid when they have their whole life to do that! They need to be in school rather than out having sex. When you miss these skills that you learn in school you can't get them back. You can't say not have sex but teens should know how not to get pregnant! This is why schools have sex education so kids can educate themselves

  • Can't afford it! Abortion time!

    Babies are hella expensive. Their diapers cost a fortune same with their food. Their toys amd their clothes too! When she goes to school monday to friday, have fun trying to find a way to afford a sitter in those days for 6 hours. Worst part is that kid's health care. Not even 3 minimum wage jobs with trying to balance school and social life will properly take care of this kid. So i will say... Abort that oops baby!

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