Should teenagers under 16 be able to give consent to sex?

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  • They can't give consent. It's as simple as that.

    I understand that consent is a delicate and highly complex issue, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. One might argue that an intelligent fifteen year old is perfectly capable of giving their consent to have sex, but the fact is they are still legally classified as a child. Sex offenders and paedophiles, disgusting specimens of humanity that they are, already get away with so much. We cannot afford to be lenient with laws of consent.

  • Teenagers under 16 should not be given consent to sex

    Teenagers under 16 should in no way be given consent to 16. It is a age where their hormones begin kicking in and on top of that, they are not very wise at that age for the most part. As a personal experience, when I was 16 I was very immature and irresponsible. So I am speaking of this from my personal experience.

  • No. Definitely not.

    In our modern day society, sex has become such a normal thing. That's the problem - teens think it's normal and it's okay to have sex any age, when really, it's not. The media is planting stupid ideas into our teens heads, that you can have sex when your 14, and as long as the guy uses a condom it's okay, right? And there's always the morning-after pill, so it's okay, right?
    Wrong - it's not okay. With the number of contracted STI's in teens and teen pregnancies rising, we need to do something about this fast, and drill it through their skulls that under-aged sex is not okay, it's no acceptable, and it's potentially very dangerous.

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