• Yes depending on age

    Which age are we talking about teenagers should be able into? For example if they are the age of 17 for example then I think it would make sense for them to be allowed for them to enter into the movies. At this age many teenagers have gained responsibility by this age.

  • Damn right they should

    The children of America today are not as immature as some would think. We may laugh at something that may not be very funny to you adults, but in our defense some adults act just like kids. Sometimes people see kids and think “that kids going no ware.” but if you thing about it he could be a misunderstood genius, he could own a comic book industry when he grows up. While you adults may see it as immaturity I see it as creativity. Now to the matter that we are too young, the age limit is 17 but all around the world I see kids at 16, 15, and even 14 getting pregnant. The fact that you think we are too young to see nudity, while other people, our same age, are raising kids is hilarious.
    What’s in movies that they haven’t already seen, the fact is we live in an r rated world and no matter how hard you try to protect your kid from it they will be exposed to it sooner or later. But all we can do is prepare them for it. There is also the problem that the more you try to protect them the more they will try to get away from you, your kid will also think that you don’t trust them, and before you know it they will give you a reason not to trust them, which will also lead to all other kinds of issues. So what if you don’t think they are ready for r rated movies, it’s all up to them, and if they are mentally prepared.
    Kids at home can watch any kinds of movies and TV. Shows from rated G to T V-MA so if you put a price on a ticket saying that the kid needs an adult to go with them, when they can wait a month or two when it’s on TV. There are people out there who are literally no smarter than a fifth grader. So why can they go see an R rated movie when a very mature seventh or eighth grader cannot?
    Since girls mature faster than boys why can’t they go to R rated movies at 15? Just because a bunch of people sat down and said “R means restricted nobody 17 and older can see this without an adult.” Means that it should be listened too. When cocaine was illegal nobody listened to that, but when somebody says that a kid of seventeen and younger can’t see a movie then that rule is sacred.

    I remember when I was eleven an me and my family took a trip to New York there was an old lady on the side of the street in nothing but a blue, white, and red bra and underwear, singing for money. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can’t protect your child from what the world is, all you can do is prepare them for it.

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