• Yes they should

    Teens should be able to publish books for many reasons. Teens are as capable of writing good novels as any adult. I am a teen and I enjoy writing and have dreams of publishing books. So this is why I believe that all teens should be allowed to publish novels.

  • Of course !

    Publishers only publish books that are worthy enough to be read by the public. If a teenager is able to write a book that is accepted by a publisher, it means that he/she is an exquisite writer for his/her age. I've read some books by young writers, and they could easily be mistaken for one written by an adult.

  • Yes they should.

    I admit I am confused, is this question a result of teens currently NOT being able to publish novels? Or is it just a general opinion question. I don't see any reason why a teen should not be able to publish a novel. If a publisher feels the content is worthy of distribution, then the author shouldn't matter.

  • One word, College.

    Writing a novel takes an incredible amount of effort and skill that not all teens have. Many commit to the idea but get lost in the lengthy process and give up. It takes true perseverance and devotion the successfully publish a book. Once high school starts, most students turn their focus to colleges. Showing them that you have published a novel is going to give any writer a boost for their goal of being accepted into whatever college they are hoping for. The colleges know that writing a book takes a huge amount of effort and see that the type of student that they will be receiving will be devoted and hard working. Publishing the novel will help them get into a good college.

  • Yes . .

    Why should your age have any impact of whether you get published. The only factor should be the quality of your work. Do you magically get better writing skills just because you've gone from 19 to 20? No. To have an age limit on publication would completely arbitrary and ridiculous.

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