• Depending on the child.

    Kids will watch it anyway, no stopping that. But my main point is it depends on the kid. Some kids can distinguish fantasy from reality really well, and they understand why what they are watching is not realistic. Others may not be so great and don't have the mental ability to do so.

  • Porn is normal.

    I would like to have some expereince when i lose my virginity. I dont want to accidentally put it in the wrong hole ! My girl will fucking love me after that. I can learn how to make myself happy as well as my girl. Hopefully y'all can see what i mean. TRY IT ONCE (girls inc) IT FEELS SOOO GOOD

  • I say Yes

    M 13 my self and watch it and it has no effect and the people i know do it all the time even the good people so i think they should be able to if they can control it and if you don't don't call the people that do pervs its just something that happens

  • Helps develop understanding of sexuality.

    Teens have the need for sex and teens have different ideas of sex. Once you are at an age teens shouldn't be forced into a sexuality. Watching pornography helps teens to understand many areas of sexuality. By watching different types of porn teenagers can see the "parts" of different sexuality; helping teens understand their own sexuality.

  • Teens should be allowed

    People can not stop teenagers from watching porn. If they have access to a electronic device that has internet access, they will watch it. Teens will have a natural interest in sex and people can't stop that, they need to learn to live with the fact teens will watch it.

  • It is educational !

    I used to think you peed in a girl to get them pregnant, but with porn, I learned the positives and negitives of sexual content and how to be safe when masturbating and when i would be ready to “do the real thing”. Adults think it fucks with teens brains but it teaches us how to be confident with out thoughts and emotions while being safe in your own home.

  • Yea more questions

    It is a good idea. I am a 14 year old boy and I watch it. Now on the topic of porn should they lower the actor age to 12+? Should they also allow sex shops to allow teens in to purchase stuff? Also what about not having to pay for condoms? To many questions to consider.

  • It doesn’t affect the brain too much

    I’m 14, started watching it at 12. I have experienced no side effects from watching porn at all. If you ban it, people can still access it anyway. Lowering it would also help children to learn more about what turns them on. Just lower the legal age to 10, and your good.

  • Sure Why not?

    Porn is fine for people my age. I am fifteen. Everybody does it anyway. Banning it does nothing and I have not noticed a significant difference in people that watch it and people that don't. I don't know why people think this is such a big deal for my age.

  • We should, but we can't

    Im 12 myself, mature for my years.I started watching porn a year ago. I have all B and A grades. However I understand that my generation is mostly unaware of what isnt real and what is. They think they should do all violent stuff from porn. Porn hasnt affected my life in any way. All people that think that we should ban porn for kids are not aware how little they think. Child pregnancy rates would rise up. Not little. A lot. Sexual urge in my years is minimal. Porn helps teens and preteens get their sexual desires fullfiled. Yet if you banned porn for youngsters than u would made problem to us and yourself.

  • It is a Real childhood runinner

    This is should Never be aloud porn should not even be able to become having sex is your own personally thing you dont need the media ro see it all i mean it is some sick stuff i hope a law passes that BANs porn for ever because it is a waist of time!

  • Parents should not allow their kids to watch porn because it damages them greatly

    The job of a parents is to produce happy and healthy adults. Porn is highly addictive as it actives the reward system to the highest degree of any stimuli. The brain adjusts to the high level of stimulation and will no longer find certain activities as interesting, Including studying, Hobbies, Spending time with loved ones, Etc. It also destroys motivation by giving an always-accessable retreat from life’s challenges. It also allows a person to avoid dealing with problems such as anxiety, Stress, And poor grades for the same reason. It greatly increases the chances of relationship problems in adulthood ranging from inability to get aroused, To infidelity, To sexual assualt. Parents have a duty to prevent their children from being harmed by porn. Teens need guidance because the judgement center in their brains are not fully formed, Resulting in poor decision making.

  • No no no

    Hell no you idiots, are you insane, kides under 18 should not be able to watch porn in any which way anyhow, that is just stupid, like come on. I am 16 myself and watching that can screw up your mind big time, like come on, think straight, this stuff should be banned for life.

  • Could be harmful

    The fact is that at the moment we don't know what the possible outcomes are of people viewing hard porn from a young age, there could be serious problems in the near future. Why run that risk? Parents should keep a careful eye on what their children are doing online. I know many people say that it is too late to do anything about it and it is too easy to get around whatever safeguards are put in place , but I think we should at least make it difficult for them to access it. Most parents are doing this, and it is the correct thing to do.

  • Just because many kids are already watching it doesn't mean it is OK!

    The fact is that we don't know what the possible outcomes are of people viewing hard porn at a young age, there could be serious problems in the near future. Why run that risk? Parents should keep an eye on what their children are doing outline and like someone has already said in this discussion, at least make it difficult for them to access it. Most are doing this, and it is the correct thing to do.

  • Age restrictions needed

    Depends on what you mean by 'teen', after all a typical 13 yr old is very different from a typical 18 year old, but there is evidence to support the view that there should be some kind of age restriction. Alexandra Katehakis, a sex and family therapist and writer, has written a number of times on this subject - in particular on the effect that regular porn watching can have on younger teens and children. Other studies have suggested that regular exposure at a young age (before puberty or below 13 or 14) could have harmful outcomes in terms of long-term mental health or sexual conduct in some cases.

    So even though it may be unrealistic to try to prevent 16 year olds from accessing it, there is good reason to try to restrict access for younger teens and especially young children. But parents and other adults responsible for looking after minors should not think that a mere law will be enough, they need to take responsibilty themselves.

    Of course, some underage kids will find a way to access if they are determined enough, but like an earlier post here says, at least make it difficult for them.

  • Not appropriate for kids

    Not appropriate for the child population because bad for health. Makes you tired, stressed, need sleep,bad language is used. Not allowed of approved by many parents or any adults. Bad for developing minds and brains. Does follow thoughts in teens but not good way of expressing emotions. Should be completely banned from younger than 18 year olds

  • Good reasons not to

    Although of course many do anyway. However most porn does not give a realistic portrayal of sex, often being very misogynist as women in it tend to be passive partners who are willing to do whatever the men want to. It can give s very warped view of sex. For this reason it should not be used as a way to learn about sex. Parents should at least make if difficult for their kids to access it.

  • No, teens should not be allowed to watch pornography.

    Pornography typically gives a very warped view of what a relationship is all about, and kids have impressionable minds that will soak up what they see, and also desensitize them. The images in pornography are explicit and would not be suitable for young people to watch, and likely would only lead to trouble and, potentially, misbehavior as a result.

  • It's 18 & up for a reason

    Even though we all know teenagers watch pornography anyway, it is called "adult entertainment" for a very obvious reason. Therefore, no, teenagers should not legally allowed to have access to pornography until they become a legal adult on their 18th birthday. Pornography can become very explicit, and there are just certain things a young kid should not see.

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