• Should we (teens) be able to watch r rated movies?

    We need to be able to see r rated movies to learn what is in store for us when we graduate high school. Also it gives us something else to talk about when at school so we have things to talk about that's fulfilling and educational. Please state what you think?!

  • Yes -a 15 yr old

    While I do understand the point of view stating that it can damage minds or influences a teenagers decision I mostly disagree. My mother recently told me that I couldn’t watch r rated movies until I turned 18. I am 15 at a public school where I hear vulgar language and see inappropriate PDA in the hallways everyday of my life. I saw this beginning my 7th grade year and I know this will continue until I graduate high school if not longer. Seeing and hearing the things I do have not made me a bad person and have not made me start engaging in these immature actions. Watching a horror movie is not going to turn me into an axe murderer or a rapist. If a parent is worried that these movies could influence their children then their parenting might be to blame. My moms reasoning was “Because I said so! ”. I am 15 years old trust me I know right from wrong. I do a bunch of chores every week, I cook dinner, Help take care of my siblings, And I get straight A’s. I understand that a movie I watch is an entertainment and not a lifestyle model. Please understand (with all due respect) times have changed since you (parents) were kids and we can’t live by the exact same rules that you might have.

  • Yes, No question.

    I don't know where you came up with the assumption that teens will mimic everything they see on a screen. I have seen loads of R-rated movies, And lo and behold, I'm not a serial murderer, Or a sex addict. Teens are clearly mature enough to see R-rated movies. If you are so adamant about being helicopter parents, At least implement a system in which parents can sign a waver to allow their kids to see R-rated movies from then on. Rated R for ridiculous.

  • Teenagers definitely should be able to watch r rated movies.

    Once children reach a certain age (around 12-13) they are mature enough to know that the movie they are seeing is for entertainment and they know that what is happening in the movie is not real and they won’t leave the movie And all of a sudden want to steal and kill people.

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  • Then why have an R rating?

    The R rating is simple to understand. It is restricted to those over 18, teens should not be able to watch them.

    Teens are at a very impressionable age and can be affected by what they watch in many ways that they don't realise. We need to give them the best starting point in life and watching horror, gore, and violence will not help that.

  • R more for rubbish than restricted

    Shouldn't a fertile mind concern itself with the betterment of the owner and the betterment of society as a whole rather than polluting it with trash that has no value in building a stable and positive society? Teens will learn about this soon enough and hopefully will have developed maturity.

  • No no no

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! They might want to watch one, however that could very well change after they see it. Watching R rated films is not needed to live a good and successful life. Some movies (Deadpool for example) almost were rated NC-17. Some parents might say that it is OK, but they are extremely irresponsible, crazy, or just flat out dumb. They are rated 18+ for a reason!

  • No no no no

    It can damage their minds, make them act violently and scare them. Think about it, all these movies promote bad things yes they know about this stuff in the movies but it doesn't make it right. I myself am a teenager and I disagree sorry for who ever is against me but no

  • No, teens should not be able to watch R repeated movies.

    Most of the profanities that occur among our future leaders comes from movie/television exposer. That's not talking about Blue's Clues or the Oscar-winning "Frozen", this is talking about the Purge and most of the R rated films in today's entertainment society. Have you ever heard of some say a familiar line from a known movie/television show? Or maybe do an action? This is mostly because they have been influenced by an R rated or innopropriate film. This is also the answer to why we sometimes hear of someone killing someone else with a gun, going to juvie,and committing crimes that you'd expect a 30 year old to commit.

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