• As long as the individual isnt cursing at "Someone" or trying to harm someone with cuss words.

    A gym teacher at my high school had made me do 20 push ups because i cussed. I didnt cuss the teacher out, nor any of the students, so i wasnt causing any harm or disrupting the class. I was only releasimh my anger to releive stress. No intention of harm.

  • Sure , cursing doesn't determine your character

    I find it stupid schools outlaw it. Everybody curses at my school quite frankly. As long as it's not to the point where it's this ultra vulgar racial thing. My school is little layed back on cursing but not that much really. I mean you get caught saying it your warned, 2d time off to ISS or Lunch Detention hahahah. But I think so.

  • As long as its not defensive to any adults

    Yes we should be able to curse at school as long as we're not using it in a defensive manner to all the adults around us.If you're just cursing the teacher out for no reason then its not ok. Plus, the first amendment says we have the right for freedom of speech, so if they tell us we can't curse they're taking our rights away.

  • As long as it has nothing to do with races.

    Cursing is just words and if it is not about the color of your skin then I think it is fine for kids to curse as long as it is not directed at the teacher because that is wrong but other than that it is fine by me. Its just words people.

  • As long as it's not directed at any teachers, Sure!

    As long as the words aren't directed at any teachers, I don't see anything wrong in it. My old middle school had a no-tolerance policy against cussing but teens cussed anyway. I've even cussed once in a while but it was rarely directed at teachers. Only once did I F-off a gym teacher but that's about it.

  • Teens should not be allowed to curse in school

    You should treat teachers and students with respect, and cursing is a way to say "I don't care how I treat you. " Some teens do it because they are angry, but there are other ways to vent. If cursing is allowed at home, then do it at home where it won't matter. But at school you need to be respectful, and cursing is not the way to do that.

  • Kids will curse anyways

    There's no way kids are going to stop cursing in schools. No matter how many rules you have, some students will curse and curse and curse. The more rules about cursing, the more some kids will curse just to annoy their teachers, or because they're going through a rebellious phase. Stop stressing out so much because no matter what you do, kids will curse. I hardly even curse and I curse in schools, sometimes if I stub my toe or something but sometimes if I get really mad. It's going to happen, rules can't control everything.

  • Words hit harder than fists

    Cursing is a way to let teens vent, but think about how they are using it. When they curse they sometimes use it for harm. They talk behind their teachers, parents (heard it before), and their fellow friends. If they keep this up then it'll be hard to tell the difference between a hurtful comment and a joking one. You may think cursing is harmless, but saying f*ggot can hurt people who are gay. Calling someone stupid can let someone down because of one wrong answer. Even the kids are cursing! Teens are supposed to be the model for children and if they use foul language around them then they would most likely say it too. Cursing isn't as harmless as others think.

  • No, its inappropriate for kids are age

    Once we start saying stuff like shut up it escalates to worse words and that can affect what younger siblings, friends, and other people start saying words such as that. That will make them unsuccessful and that will all be on you for cursing. Think of others before yourself. Don't go through the same things I did I literately ate soap.

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